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Multi-Bike Lifter

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Our motorized Multi-Bike Lifters are the smartest, safest, Bluetooth-enabled storage solution for multiple bikes. With weight sensing and overload protection, variable speed control, and smart high and low points, we've got a solution to make it easy to lift and store your bikes.

    • Automatically raise and lower your bikes with smart high and low point
    • Gets bikes off the floor helping prevent damage to bike and/or vehicles
    • Control via Bluetooth-enabled device
    • Easy DIY installation
  • Ships in 2 business days
  • Net Weight Lifting Capacity: Multi-Bike = 90 lbs, Multi-Bike XL = 190 lbs

Smarter Bike Storage

With weight sensing and overload protection, as well as smart high and low lift points, our Multi-Bike products are the smarter and safer way to store bikes.

Protect and Prevent Damage

Take advantage of unused ceiling space helping to prevent damage to bikes, walls, vehicles and more.

Adjustable Non-Scratch Straps

Adjustable straps make it easy to attach and adjust bikes to ensure the perfect fit and balance. Made of high-quality woven nylon and steel d-rings to ensure strength and longevity.

Motorized Bike Storage

Our Multi-Bike Lifter products are the only motorized overhead storage solution for bikes that uses the unique MyLifter hoist which makes lifting and storing bikes simple. Plus, patented hands-free spooling means no tangled cables for smooth, effortless bike lifting.

Intuitive App Control

From variable speed control, for precise placement, to smart high and low lift points, to eliminate the risk of crashing your bikes into the ceiling, as well as weight sensing and overload protection, the smartphone app is packed with features designed to keep you and your bikes safe.

Easy To Install

Our Multi-Bike Lifters come with all of the necessary parts for quick and easy installation. No guess work, extra hardware or professional installation required.

Multi-Bike Multi-Bike XL




Bike Capacity

Up to 3 bikes

Up to 6 bikes

Net-Weight Lifting Capacity

90 lbs

190 lbs

Bluetooth Enabled/App Controlled

Weight Sensing

Overload Protection

Hands Free Spooling

Smart High and Low Lift Points

How It Works

The Smartest Storage for Bikes

Our Multi-Bike Lifters make storing your family’s bikes simple and safe with its easy to use app.

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