SmarterHome Motorized Storage

Experience SmarterHome’s motorized storage products, where technology meets efficiency to make the most of your garage space. Each storage solution provides easy access to your belongings through motorization without lifting or climbing allowing you to park your car in the garage while maintaining a well-organized storage system for all your items.

SmarterHome Motorized Storage

Technology meets efficiency to make the most of your garage space. Our storage solutions provide easy access to your stuff through smart motorization, all without lifting, climbing, and allowing you to park your car in the garage.

Powerfully Powered by the MyLifter

A powerful motor, engineered with advanced digital motor control and an electronic drive system, enabling you to lift and store heavy loads efficiently and safely. Serving as the core motor for all our motorized storage solutions, and with features such as variable speed control, weight sensing capabilities, and custom set smart points for precise storage heights, the MyLifter guarantees consistent performance and unwavering reliability.

Digital Motor Control & Drive System

Variable speed control, weight sensing capabilities, and custom set smart points

Unlike conventional hoists with simple on/off buttons, the MyLifter's sophisticated digital motor control provides seamless communication through the MyLifter app. Through this advanced control system, which includes, variable speed control, weight sensing capabilities, and custom set smart points for precise storage heights, accessing and storing your outdoor gear has never been easier. This intelligent control offers unparalleled precision, delivering tailored storage solutions that surpass any other motorized storage option.

Tangle-Free Winding

Patented cable guide system, guaranteeing tangle-free winding

Among the standout features of the MyLifter is its patented cable guide system, guaranteeing tangle-free winding. As you lower your outdoor gear, the MyLifter cable is forced out of the drum by a concave roller wheel which spins at a faster rate than the drum on the way out but the same rate on the way in. This is made possible by a one-way bearing, allowing you to release cable without any tension on the cable.

The cable guide tracks with the cable to ensure it consistently winds and unwinds in the grooves of the drum. This industry leading tangle-free winding ensures consistent access and storage of your outdoor gear. The MyLifter contains 22 ft of high quality, nylon-coated, multi-strand stainless steel cable, ensuring both durability and reliability.

Automatic Lock

Automatic lock mechanism prevents accidental movements

To ensure safety, the MyLifter is equipped with an automatic lock mechanism. When the MyLifter is not in use, the drum is held stationary by a gear lock, preventing any accidental movements, even in the event of a power outage. The gear lock remains engaged until you instruct the MyLifter to move using the app. This fail-safe feature ensures stress-free overhead storage.

Easily Controlled with the MyLifter App  

Through Bluetooth connectivity, the MyLifter app establishes a seamless connection with your phone, granting you full digital control over your motorized storage system. Through the app, you can monitor real-time weight sensing, receive alerts when lifting capacity is reached, and group control MyLifters for stable storage.

Group Lifting

Tailor the lifting process precisely to your needs

Each motorized storage product utilizes the same MyLifter motor. With this, you have the flexibility to group multiple MyLifters for various purposes. To create a Flex-Group, connect four MyLifters in the MyLifter app, and it will synchronize their movements, lifting and lowering items at the exact same speed and simultaneously. Each individual lifter has a lifting capacity of up to 100 lbs. When you synchronize four MyLifters together, you unlock the impressive capability of lifting up to 400 lbs.

Alternatively, you can opt for flex groups, enabling you to link up to four MyLifters. With this configuration, you have the freedom to lift items either simultaneously or independently, depending on your specific storage requirements. This versatile grouping feature empowers you to tailor the lifting process precisely to your needs, enhancing the efficiency and versatility of your motorized storage system.

Speed Control

Complete control over the lifting and lowering speed

The MyLifter app, enabled by digital motor control, incorporates a user-friendly slider feature that grants you complete control over the lifting and lowering speed of your items. With this functionality, you have the flexibility to adjust the speed according to your specific needs, ensuring optimal safety during the storage process.

Weight Sensing

Real-time weight information and overload protection

With access to real-time weight information, the app offers invaluable insights into the weight load being lifted, providing you with immediate and accurate data. This essential feature ensures you stay well-informed about the load capacity and avoid potential risks associated with obstructed or lifting overloaded items. In the event that the storage being lifted encounters an obstruction or exceeds its weight limit, the MyLifter's intelligent system promptly halts the lifting process and sends an alert via the app. This proactive mechanism safeguards your MyLifter storage system, personal items, and the ceiling from any potential damage or accidents.

Smart Points

Easily set upper and lower storage heights

Thanks to the digital motor control, you can easily set upper and lower storage heights, eliminating any concerns about accidentally hitting the ceiling or the ground during operation. This thoughtful feature ensures seamless and safe functionality, eliminating any guesswork or uncertainty. With the ability to establish accurate limits, you can confidently operate the motorized storage system, knowing that your items will be positioned exactly where you need them, whether on the ground or suspended from the ceiling.

Mix and Match Installation

Our complete range of kits is designed to work harmoniously in a seamless ecosystem, each comprising the essential components of the MyLifter, frame, and smart track. This cohesive design ensures effortless compatibility and expansion of your smart garage system.

With the freedom to mix and match various kits, you have the flexibility to tailor your storage solution to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require additional MyLifters, frames, or smart tracks, our versatile ecosystem allows you to create a truly customized and efficient garage storage setup.

Smart Track System

Easily set upper and lower storage heights

With the Smart Track system, you can safely place your Motorized Storage product. Smart Track is 30in long and is drilled into your ceiling joists. With this and the limits set on the MyLifter, your ceiling is safe as you lift and lower. The MyLifter and power adapter easily attach to the Smart Track through pins or snap in brackets. The gray Smart Track cable covers snap into place over cords to hide them from view. The cable management clips secure your cords not hidden by the Smart Track covers to the ceiling so they won’t hang.

Power Pass-through

Easily set upper and lower storage heights

The MyLifter operates on DC power, whereas most garages are equipped with AC power. To bridge this gap, we provide a power adapter that enables the use of low voltage, ensuring seamless connectivity and power distribution throughout your garage.
Most garages have one power outlet with two ports. One of which is used by your garage door opener. The SH garage storage system is designed to make only require one port, regardless of how large smart garage system you want to have.
This is made possible by our patented power-pass through technology, each of our garage products is equipped with a power in and power out port to allow for daisy-chaining of products.

Installation Guide

Easily set upper and lower storage heights

All motorized storage products are similar in the way they are installed. The difficulty level is similar to installing a TV on the wall.
First, Follow the instructions provided to assemble the frame. Although most of the frames are adjustable, the instruction manual will walk you through those modifications.
Then install the Smart Track on your ceiling. After determining where you’d like your product will be and where your ceiling joist are, install the Smart Track using provided lag bolts. Once your Smart Track is installed, your MyLifter is easily pinned into place. Connect your MyLifter to your app and lower the cables to attach to the frame.

High-Grade Frames

Our motorized storage solutions come with high-grade frames, such as powder-coated steel frames, with soft-touch accents such as foam and felt where needed, in order to safely and securely hold your item. These frames are adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for your items while avoiding any damage or scuffing.

We're Constantly Evolving

As all our kits are built around the MyLifter motor, we are continuously engineering new frames and upgrades to enhance your storage experience. We welcome your ideas and feedback, as our goal is to provide smarter, simpler, and safer storage solutions tailored to your needs.