10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Ultra Organized

1 Your Home's Own Inbox

Use a decorative storage box to keep all the files that usually end up strewn across the countertop. Keep receipts, kids' assignments, and other miscellaneous papers stacked in the box. Just make sure to go through it regularly. Pro tip: get a box with a lid for making your guests think you're really organized.

2 Keep It Closed

Use the back of your cabinet doors for storing and filing recipes. Neatly organize them with wall pockets that adhere to the doors. Voila! More cabinet space.

Organized pantry with floor to ceiling shelving
Organized pantry with labels on containers

3 Put A Label On It

Dry foods like cereals, oats, flour, and sugar can be poured into reusable containers and labeled - so you can easily keep track of what you have in your pantry, and what you're running low on.

Kitchen with with open shelves

4 Open Sesame

Kitchen countertops are notorious for clutter. Keep things clear by installing open shelving units above your counters to store kitchen appliances.

5 Stacked

An organized fridge is as easy as building blocks. Stack these clear storage bins full of similar items - soda cans, veggies, and eggs. Keeping all of your food and drinks of the same kind in containers won't just help with aesthetic appeal - it will make things easier for cooking too.

6 Divide and Conquer

Finally find your pizza cutter. Use drawer dividers to separate all your kitchen tools.

7 Stack It High

Maximize space under sinks with stackable storage solutions, like this one, perfect for keeping extra soap, feminine hygiene products, or cleaning supplies.

8 Clean Closet

The linen closet can be a dark place. Keep things organized by folding sheet sets into their matching pillowcase, and separating bedding with shelf dividers. Placing your linens directly on the shelves will help you see exactly what you have and find what you're looking for.

9 Got Kids?

Keep a functional and fashionable lidded container like this one in your main living space to quickly throw kids' toys and knick knacks.

10 Go Vertical

Garages can go from clean to cluttered in the change of a season. Pulley systems like versions made by Garage Smart can help you utilize the vertical space in your garage for bikes, bins, and other bulky items.

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