Power Adapter

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The power adapter was carefully designed to help you daisy chain Garage Smart products. Protected by a 12 amp breaker, the 110v AC power outlet is compatible with Garage Smart’s AC products (including additional power adapters). The 12v DC power outlet is compatible with Garage Smart’s DC products and has a smart current limit that shuts off DC output if too many devices are plugged in. Additionally, get wattage capacity feedback from the dynamic LED strip.

The Power Adapter is included with each Garage Smart storage solution.

  • One power adapter can plug into another
  • Mounts to the wall or track
  • Resettable breaker
  • Power consumption bar
  • Smart Track connector
  • 3 foot power cable
  • 2 DC cable input/output
  • Power Adapter v2
  • Universal connector
  • 2 Hardware screws
  • 70 watt DC output
  • 110v AC input
  • 110v AC outlet
  • Active current limiting for DC output
  • 12 AMP breaker for AC output
  • 3 foot power cord
  • DC cable: 3 feet
  • Ships next business day

How It Works

Power Your Garage

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