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Charge Drop

Ceiling mounted 3A retractable Trickle Charger and Battery Maintainer

  • 25 ft of retractable cord
  • Lead-acid and Li-ion battery charger and maintainer
  • Keep connected for months- automatically keeps your battery at full charge


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  • Ships Fall 2024
Charge Drop
Charge Drop
Charge Drop
Charge Drop
Charge Drop
Charge Drop
Charge Drop
Five Stars!

"Great quality and super easy to use! Love that it's accessible anywhere in my garage."

-Jenny S. (verified)

Charge Anything

Charge anything from Side-by-sides, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Cars, and more with the Charge Drop. As a 3A 12VDC vehicle battery charger, The Charge Drop supports charging any lead-acid-based batteries (Standard, AGM, GEL) and Li-Ion-based vehicle batteries.

Charging Made Easy

No more kicking cords out of the way or needing to dig your charger out of a box. This ceiling-mounted battery charger and maintainer keeps your garage clear of cords or possible tripping hazards.  

25ft Cord

Eliminate any concerns about backing in your vehicle or locating the nearest outlet. With 25 ft of cord, charge from anywhere in a traditional two-car garage.

Adjustable Stop

The Charge Drop includes an adjustable stop. This stop keeps the hose within reach, no matter the ceiling height.

Power Passthrough

The SmarterHome™ garage storage system is designed to only require one outlet, regardless of how large of a smart garage system you want to have. The Charge Drop™ is a part of this system and can be daisy-chained together with any SmarterHome™ garage storage product. You can plug each Charge Drop™ into each other with just one outlet.

Charging Status

Know the status of your battery immediately by the light on your Charge Drop.

Battery Charging

When connected, the Charge Drop will blink a green light to indicate charging.

Battery Charged

Keep your battery connected as long as you want. The Charge Drop will charge as needed, automatically.  

Improper Connection

The Charge Drop can safely handle high battery temps and improper connections, warning you via a blinking red light.

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Easy Install

Install the Charge Drop by drilling the red mounting bracket into your ceiling stud, connect using the quick-release pins, and plug in the nearest outlet to power on.

This product is Smart Track compatible.


What's Included

  • Charge Drop 
  • SAE to Alligator Clips - 2ft
  • SAE to O-Ring Terminal - 2ft
  • All Mounting Hardware


Ceiling Mounted

The Charge Drop™ can easily be mounted to your ceiling using the Smart Track or included mounting bracket. Have more vehicles you'd like to charge? Daisy-chain them together using one outlet like pictured.

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