Add Privacy to Your Bathroom

At MySmartBlinds, we see the need for window coverings that allow you to have privacy in your home while allowing light in. As you picture the rooms in your home, there are clearly different needs in each one of them. Although your bathroom typically requires privacy above all else, bathroom design often needs light to enhance its features.

Here are five ways to achieve a light/privacy balance in your bathroom.


Placing curtains over your blinds achieves optimum privacy. If you want to let absolutely no light in, close your blinds and close your curtains. If you want light, but don't want to fumble with the blinds before getting out of the tub, tilt your blinds open and close your curtains on top of them. Problem solved. Curtains will also allow you to express your style and match your bathroom's design, while maintaining privacy. We love beautiful solutions for practical problems.

Smart blinds

With smartphone-controlled blinds, you'll get privacy whenever you need it. You don't need to worry about tilting your blinds from the tub.  Just set your blinds to close and open at the times of the day you need them to, or override your set schedule by adjusting your blinds from your smartphone or switch. No manual tilting needed.

Textured and designed windows

By adding designs to the glass in your bathroom windows, you can avoid the need for window coverings in certain windows. Textured glass allows light to get in, without being completely open to the outside world.

Blinds with a valance

If you like the idea of blinds for your bathroom, but want to add more personal style to your window coverings, try adding a valance. With a homemade valance, you can use fabric that complements your bathroom's decor and doesn't interfere with the privacy your blinds give you.

Frosted window film

Window films can give your windows a frosted look without having to invest in textured glass. Your windows will still let the light in, without being completely transparent.

You don't have to sacrifice beautiful natural lighting for optimum privacy in your home. Have it your way!