Are Smart Blinds Worth the Money?

Are Smart Blinds Worth the Money

So you’ve heard about smart blinds and their many benefits. Maybe you’ve even daydreamed about doing away with the annoying chore of running around the house and opening and closing your blinds or shades every day. But then you took a look at the cost and your excitement may have cooled a little bit. Yes, automated blinds cost more than manual ones, so it’s natural to ask: Are smart blinds worth the money? 

For many, the answer will be yes. Read on to discover why.

The Value of Convenience 

In today’s world, convenience is king. You can order groceries online and drive up to the store where an employee loads them into your car, Amazon drops almost anything at your door in two days or less, and you can order a meal from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered without getting up from your couch. People are willing to pay for convenience. And smart window blinds are, above all, more convenient. 

Convenience is more than merely something nice or a luxury. The stress that comes from being pressed for time is linked to reduced happiness, increased anxiety, and insomnia. A 2017 study by the National Academy of Sciences found that spending money on time-saving services is linked to greater life satisfaction and well-being. So automated blinds make your day-to-day life more convenient, taking a repetitive task off your hands and freeing up some of your time. How much is more time worth to you? 

The Value of Energy Efficiency

People are taking steps to conserve energy and live more sustainably around the globe. We look for HE appliances, swap out light bulbs, and install efficient showerheads and toilets. In colder months, heat is lost through every window of our homes, and in the summer, solar gain through windows makes our HVACs work harder. Window coverings make our homes more energy-efficient, and smart blinds and shades take that up a notch—without you having to worry at all about it. 

Built-in temperature sensors can trigger blind adjustments to maintain a preset comfort level. Or enable tilt’s Energy Savings mode to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Integration with a home automation system like Alexa or Google Home can further coordinate your smart blinds. No matter how attentive a human is to adjusting blinds throughout the day to conserve energy, they will not be as efficient as smart blind technology.  

Install the included solar panel so the sun can power your blinds and boost energy savings even more. With the energy savings alone, over time your smart window blinds and shades may pay for themselves! 


The Value of UV Protection

We love light-filled homes. But just as sunlight can damage your skin, it is one of the greatest sources of damage to our home’s interiors. Over time, the sun’s rays can fade furniture, flooring, carpeting, upholstery, and drapes. UV rays are especially damaging to artwork and décor. You don’t have to live in a tropical location to see the effects either. Damage is more noticeable in houses oriented in sun-facing directions (like east/west), but any house with large windows lets in a lot of light—and the damage that comes with it. 

Smart blinds and shades can automatically adjust throughout the day for the position of the sun to protect the interior of your home from direct UV rays. You don’t have to remember to do it or simply shrug your shoulders when you’re gone. Extending the life of your possessions can add up to money saved. Just think of how much it costs to replace the carpet or upholstered furniture. 

The Value of Smart Blinds

Yes, automated blinds and shades are an investment. For many, though, the value they gain in convenience, energy efficiency, and the protection of their possessions makes smart blinds worth the money. 

You don’t have to buy all new shades or blinds, either. Retrofitting your current window coverings may be a more cost-effective option. With just a few steps, you can convert your existing blinds/shades to smart blinds and shades using tilt’s Blinds Automation Kit and Roller Blinds Automation Kit and start enjoying the value provided by your own automated blinds and shades.