Using Auto Blinds and Other Steps to Wake Up Refreshed

Woman waking up feeling refreshed next to auto blinds and window

There are some people that can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day every morning. But the rest of us may not be so lucky. 

For those that don’t enjoy the mornings, waking up might look more like something from a zombie horror movie rather than a lovely rom-com.

So how in the world do some people just wake up feeling refreshed when the rest of us struggle? 

It comes down to a few things: your alarm, what you do the moment you wake up, and allowing natural light to come into your room with automated window blinds. 

Here’s How You Can Wake Up Feeling More Refreshed

Whether you’re a morning person or not, these tips can help you wake up feeling much better each morning.

Change the alarm

Man hitting snooze on cell phone alarm clock

Everyone has a different alarm that they wake up to. But have you considered that the type of alarm you set can actually affect the rest of your morning? 

Most people use their phones as alarm clocks and some of the tones on there are not the most pleasant to wake up to. For example, if you’re waking up to a blaring siren sound, you may not wake up feeling super relaxed. 

So instead of a jarring alarm, change it to be a more soothing tone or song to help ease you into waking up. Rather than jolting up from your sleep to turn your alarm off, you’ll be gently woken up by a soothing sound. 

Another trick with your alarm is to set it across the room instead of your nightstand. Doing this forces you to get out of bed to turn off your alarm which can help get your body moving.

Most of us are guilty of lying in bed after our alarm goes off and scroll through our phone when we should be getting ready for the day. Having it across the room can help keep you from unnecessary scrolling and get you up to start your day. 

Light a candle 

Candles are a nice cozy way to start your morning. Better yet, grab a citrus-scented candle to help awaken your senses. Scents like orange and lemon can help wake up your mind as you get ready for the day. 

According to the Danes, candles are a great way to help you wake up in the morning because of a design principle they call hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). Essentially this word means to decorate a room in a way that maximizes how cozy it feels. Candles are a big part of hygge and the Danes use them to help ease their bodies into waking up in the morning to feel more refreshed. 

Wake up your body 

Woman stretching in bed with open smart window blinds

Mornings can be the hardest time of the day to get your body moving. Some people can get up and run a mile right when they wake up. Others, not so much. 

For the rest of us, try doing small movements like stretching or yoga to slowly wake up your body. After sleeping all night your body needs to stretch a little to feel more refreshed. 

Even just doing small movements for a few minutes can make all the difference in how refreshed you feel. So instead of scrolling through your phone, hop out of bed and do some small stretches.

Wake up to natural light

Automated Window Blinds from Tilt

One of the best ways to feel more refreshed in the morning is to wake up to natural light. But that can be difficult to do when you keep your blinds closed at night for privacy but also be open to letting in natural light in the morning.

So here’s the solution: 

Electric window coverings. 

This is going to change the way you wake up in the morning. Automatic window blinds will open on their own every morning to help wake you up with a stream of natural sunlight. 

The great thing about having electric blinds is having privacy at night and being able to wake up to natural light in the morning. They allow you to have the best of both worlds. 

How to Motorize Blinds 

Amazon Alexa with Wooden Panel Background

So how do you get your blinds to open and close automatically? 

To answer that question, Tilt has you and your windows covered. 

Tilt offers the best electric blinds online that can be easily installed by you or an expert. You can browse their smart blinds here

Here are just a few things you can do with Tilt Smart Blinds: 

  • Set the blinds to open and close at certain times
  • Connect the blinds to your smart device and control them with your voice 
  • Save money on your energy bill
  • Just let them be! Tilt Smart Blinds are just that, smart. They know when to open and close based on how much sun is coming through the window. 

So do yourself a favor and start waking up feeling more refreshed with natural light.

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