Five Reasons to Go Solar

Why is MySmartBlinds always urging customers to switch to solar powered electronics?

It's better for the environment

Solar energy is a cleaner form of energy than what is provided by a power plant. It is a renewable form of energy that doesn't produce any harmful emissions, because it comes from the most natural source of all: the sun.

It might save you some cash

Using solar energy will surely save you on your electricity bill each month, but installing solar panels in your home can also increase the property value of your home, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

It is the future

Being ahead of the curve will pay off. Many smart home electronics and devices have a solar power option. There's no denying that solar power is a preferred energy source for tech.

Solar panels will work all day

A common misconception is that solar power comes from sunlight. Solar energy is actually produced by daylight. So even if the sun is not up and it's cloudy and grey, your solar panels will charge up and store energy through the night.

Easy installation

We can't speak for all solar options, but with MySmartBlinds, the solar charging option only adds one small step to the installation process. Solar energy is usually quite simple to obtain.