Garage Wall Ideas to Personalize and Maximize Your Garage Space

Whether you use your garage space for your vehicles, tools, or workshop, understanding how to properly organize and design your space can help you make the most of it and make it look good. 

As with any room or area around your home, you want to craft it in a way that fuels you to do your best work. Follow along with us below as we provide you with creative garage wall ideas to incorporate into your garage space. 

How Can I Make My Garage Look Good? 

You can make your garage look good by selecting colors, tools, and textures that reflect your personality and craft. 

1. Choose Bold Colors

Painting your walls can go a long way to building an impressive garage space. Be sure to use moisture-blocking paint to avoid future formations of mildew and mold. Consider the following colors: 


Inspired by the Ferrari brand, red is a great option if you're a big car guy and if you use your garage to store your vehicles. This color will help make your space look sleek. Try incorporating some white or black to bring out the refinement. For example, you can deck out your garage space by installing a checkered black and white floor with a bold red wall that will craft a classic look.    


Blue is a bold yet soothing color that will shower you with relaxation and vitality whether you’re working or simply parking your vehicles. Consider using a teal or sapphire blue to really give it that pop, and hang up some nice photos/decorations that will help finish your look.


Are red and blue not enough for you? If you’re really going for something bold, consider orange! With orange walls and some white, this design will definitely bring a warm and energetic feeling to your garage space. 

2. Consolidate All of Your Items with the Right Tools

Making your garage look good involves organizing all of your tools and personal items in a way that maximizes your space. The more space you have or appear to have, the more welcoming and polished your garage space will look. 

Storage solutions such as Garage Smart’s Universal XL Lifter can help you get all of your heavy-duty items out of the way. With the ability to lift up to 100 pounds, this lifter can help you elegantly and efficiently store away large items such as your paddle sports gear. 

Man using the Platform lifter in his garage

It’s essential to find effective and attractive ways to organize your garage without having to simply throw them into a corner pile. By seeking out the right storage tools such as our Universal XL Lifter, you can make your garage look well-organized and a place that inspires you to get your work done.   

3. Utilize Texture

Aside from paint, there are different types of materials you can use in your garage space to create texture and a stylish look. Consider the following design options: 

  • Brick walls - Installing brick walls in your garage can give your space an industrial and hip feel. If you want to go even more masculine, there are dark grey and black brick designs available for you to use. Top it off with some nicely framed posters and you’ll have a welcoming space that you’ll feel compelled to get busy in. 
  • Metal panels - Metal panels provide your garage space with a fresh, bold, and commercial feel. There are various designs of metal panels such as corrugated panels (these look like rippled metal sheets) or smooth steel panels that can complement wood beams, bricks, and/or exposed heating ducts. 

What Can I Use for Garage Walls?

Aside from playing with color and storage tools to design your garage, there are several garage wall ideas you can use to efficiently maximize your space. 

1. Slatwall Panel 

If you want all your tools off the floor but easily accessible, installing a slatwall panel on your garage wall is a great idea. These panels are made up of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). 

You can hang up all of your tools along with gear such as your bicycles and/or strollers on these panels that will keep all of your belongings organized. You can even place hooks, racks, and baskets on the slatwall to maximize your storage space. 

2. Pegboard 

Having a pegboard wall is another convenient way to keep the mess off of your garage floors. Available in a variety of materials such as timber or steel, pegboards allow you to easily attach hooks to neatly spread out all of your tools and garage items. You can attach your pegboard to stonework, drywall, or wood studs to effectively fix them on your walls.  

3. Storage Cabinets

If you prefer not to have any visible clutter on your garage walls, storage cabinets are a great alternative option. If you’re tired of your tools being cluttered all over the place, covering one side of your garage wall with cabinets will help your space look neat and organized. Not to mention, it will maximize your storage space!

4. OSB or Plywood 

OSB, or Oriented Strand Board, and plywood are both great options if you’re looking for sheathing material to add a protective layer to your walls. 

OSB is made up of layers of wood, resin, and wax. Pressed together to form a panel, OSB has a smooth finish. Not only can you use OSB for nailing/stapling insulation to your garage walls, but you can also use them to hang your carpentry and racks. 

Plywood is made from thin sheets of wood veneer. These thin layers are glued together, making plywood structurally firm and stable. Like OSB, they are great for sheathing for installation and using alone as a baseboard to hang up all of your tools. 

As illustrated above, there are several creative garage wall ideas you can incorporate to personalize and maximize your garage space. Whatever ideas you decide to go with, be sure they are practical and creative. It’s important to establish a garage space that provides efficient methods for storage and emulates your innovative spirit. 

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