Home Automation Devices to Make Your Life Easier

Home automation devices are one of the most exciting developments in the technology landscape today, making our lives easier with every new smart tool that hits the market. What was once the stuff of science fiction novels is now common in many households today, from talking assistants to robot vacuums.

But, with so many products popping up, it can be hard to know where to focus your attention. Now is the perfect time to educate yourself about the top smart home devices. Check out the technology that is available to you:

1. Home Automation Control Center

At the heart of any smart home is the home automation control center, where you can operate the majority of your devices from one convenient hub. The best controller will work on multiple networks, be able to perform basic functions without the internet, and have an API developer. There are many top-performing control centers that you can buy without any monthly fees, making it a more affordable way to upgrade your smart home.

2. Smart Light Switches

Ever wonder how much energy you’re wasting by leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms? This problem will be a thing of the past when you invest in smart light switches and dimmers, which allow you to control your lighting using your voice, an app, or by setting a schedule. Programming your lights to turn on and off at a certain time can cut down your energy bill, and it can also make you feel more secure when you’re away from home. Set the lights to turn on in the evening, and you’ll deter burglars from breaking into a seemingly empty house.

3. Automated Blinds

You’ll really feel like you’ve made it big when you have automated blinds in all of the rooms of your smart home. Like smart light switches, automated blinds can be programmed to a certain schedule, saving you money on your energy bill, and saving you the effort of getting up to adjust the blinds whenever the lighting or temperature changes. You’ll feel more refreshed and energized if you go to bed in a dark room, then wake up to natural light pouring in through the windows. If you have plants or pets, you can also program the blinds to open during the day while you’re on vacation, then close at night.

4. Smart Home Thermostat

Every family seems to have debates over the perfect thermostat temperature, but those battles will be a thing of the past when you have a smart home thermostat. These handy devices can automatically adjust to the optimal temperature, taking into account the humidity levels or outdoor temperature. You can change the temperature remotely using an app, or get notifications if the air outside is more comfortable than the temperature inside your home.

Woman using the thermostat app in her home

5. Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are one of the most popular smart home devices on the market today, thanks to the added measure of security they bring to any house. You can choose from a wide range of fancy features, but the most basic smart doorbell should have the ability to get a phone alert or text message when someone is on your doorstep or ringing the bell. This makes it easy to talk to visitors even when you’re away from home. You can talk to the person on the doorstep through the smart doorbell speakers, which could come in handy in a variety of situations. Instruct the delivery person on where to put your package, say hello to a friend, or tell a solicitor that you’re not interested in whatever they’re selling.

6. Security System

Security systems have been around for a long time, but technology is making them more impressive than ever before. Today’s security systems come with a wealth of customized features, giving homeowners greater peace of mind when they’re away from home or sleeping at night. Many modern security systems have both indoor and outdoor applications and no monthly fees. You can get 24/7 video storage, window and door sensors, police alerts, and more.

7. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keep your family safe by installing a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, which can send alerts even when you’re away from home. This is especially helpful for people who have pets or children who are old enough to stay at home by themselves. You can also get alerts on when it’s time to change batteries, so you don’t have to be rudely awoken by a chirping battery in the middle of the night.

Get Your Blind Automation Kit

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