Home Automation Pros and Cons

Home Automation systems may be revolutionizing the way we run our households by providing easier and more efficient ways to complete regular tasks. But, is this technological revolution a welcome one? Or, is it just another way for us to avoid commonplace activities that bring us little or no pleasure? 

Some might argue that home automation and smart technology are unnecessary and not worth the cost, but perhaps the pros outweigh the cons. Learn more about home automation below to determine whether it is right for your household.

What Is Home Automation?

Automation is a technique used to complete an action without the need to physically put it into motion. Home automation systems allow you to set up a household-related action, like setting the thermostat lower when you go to work and then raising it just before you get home. 

Home Automation Pros

Home automation systems have numerous fun and helpful capabilities that can save you time and money, as well as keep you and your family safe.

Energy Savings

One of the most popular reasons people are in favor of smart home systems is the amount of energy they can save by regulating things like temperature, sprinklers, and even lights. All of these can be set to a predetermined schedule or controlled from your phone or smart device with an easy-to-use app. 

For example, if you are on vacation and realize you left the heat turned up, just click a button and lower the thermostat. 

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Better Use of Time

Another key factor when considering home automation pros is the amount of time you can save on tasks that are easily automated, allowing you to put those extra minutes to better use. You can also save time correcting forgotten tasks. For example, if you leave for work and realize you forgot to lock the front door or close the garage, simply pull over, grab your smartphone, and lock everything remotely. No need to turn around and head back home.

Another home automation system pro with some companies is the ability to preheat the oven before you get home. When you don’t need to wait for those extra few minutes to get dinner started, you can accomplish more in the evening or spend more time with your family.

Most of all, when each of the small tasks is combined, you will save a significant amount of time over a week or month.

Increased Privacy

You can also add smart features to your window blinds with tilt’s blinds automation kit. Increase privacy as well as save energy by controlling the tilt of your blinds, scheduling a correlation to the sunrise and sunset, and charging them with a built-in solar panel.

Increased Safety

One of the main reasons people love smart home automation systems is the increased feeling of security. When you consider the many features above and beyond a simple camera system, you will rest easier knowing your family is protected. 

From your smart device, you can view, record, and store past and present video feeds, as well as share them with your security company. If you ever encounter an intruder, you will be able to quickly send an alert, request assistance, and provide evidence with a simple click of a button.

You can also lock doors and turn lights on and off. This is particularly helpful when you are away from home, as you can make it appear that someone is in the house.

Home Automation Cons

Despite the many benefits, there may still be smart home automation cons that prevent you from making the switch.

  • Cost - The initial cost of the system and installation can be expensive. However, in most cases, the energy savings more than make up for the cost over time.
  • Compatibility - Another possible inconvenience is the type of system you currently use versus the one you want. In other words, if you use Google products, an Apple system will be incompatible. This may be true of other brands as well, so make sure you are consistent with brand choices.
  • Complexity - Learning to use a new tech system can be confusing at first. Fortunately, once you get past the learning curve, things should get easier.
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    Once you’ve taken the leap into home automation, make sure you check out tilt for blinds automation and learn more about how we can help you save on energy costs.