How to do Garage Bike Storage the Easy Way

Garage Bike Storage (The Easy Way)

Think About Weight

Multi-bike Lifter by Garage Smart

If you are storing a bike in your apartment or house and want to mount a rack to the wall, take into account the bike weight and wall quality—you don’t want the bike to come crashing down.

If you’re a tenant, you may need to seek permission from your landlord if you intend to fix equipment to the walls or ceilings.

Find Space

Closeup of Multi-Bike Lifter by Garage Smart

Bike stand, freestanding rack, wall mount, bike hoist. 

Wall mounts are best for people who have limited space and want to get their bikes off the floor. These versatile racks offer the most variety in the market. Kickstands are one of the most basic storage options and are a great way to keep your recreational road bike upright in your garage. Serious road cyclists typically forgo the kickstand to save weight. However, bike tourers may find them useful for parking a fully loaded bike. 

Floor stands are like the bike rack you used in grade school; basically a long metal bar with vertical slats, only configured to hold one bike, not a bunch. They are ideal if you have the floor space because they're so simple. They are great for garages or even front hallways. You just pop in your front or back wheel and you’re done.

Freestanding racks are like coat racks for bikes and are ideal for garages or places where you can’t mount a rack on the walls. These are often designed to hold two bikes, sometimes more, and are easy to relocate for cleaning, rearranging your garage or changing apartments or houses.

Hoist bike storage is a nice alternative to the standard ceiling rack, and ideal for high ceilings when you can’t easily reach your bike on a standard hook or mount. Hoists raise your bike up and out of the way so you can free up space in your garage, loft or walk-in closet.

Keep it Safe

Will your bike be stored in a spot that other people have access to? Some wall mounts come with a lock for added safety in a setting that could be potentially more vulnerable to theft. Where it wont get stolen or tampered with. Lift it up with garage smart!