How to Spruce up Your Home With Plants and Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds in Home Dining Room

Did you know? 

Adding houseplants to your home can provide multiple benefits!

From improving your mood to providing better air quality, plants are the simple solution to making your life better. 

We’re going to talk about all things plants today. Where to place them, what they can do for you and how to take care of them by using electric blinds. 

Redecorate Your Home With Plants and Electric Blinds 

Here are just a few things to know about including plants and electric window coverings into your home: 

First Off, Why?

Plant near kitchen window

What’s so great about having more plants in your home? Aren’t they just another thing to take care of and remember to water? 

First of all, plants are really great at circulating airflow throughout your home. That means you have cleaner and healthier air to breathe. Who doesn’t want that? 

Second of all, having more plants in your home can actually help to improve your mood. Numerous studies have shown that the color green can have a calming effect on people. 

And finally, plants can really tie together a room and make it feel more complete and cozy. 


Plant near window in dining room

So now that you’re completely convinced that you need more house plants, let’s talk about where they should go.

Adding plants to your home can be a true form of art. And knowing where to place them is important. 

If you’ve got a big room that’s difficult to fill with furniture, try adding a few larger fern plants. They look beautiful and are great to fan out and take up space. 

Also, keep in mind the different kinds of environments your plants can handle. For example, certain plants may not do so well in the bathroom because of the extra humidity provided from the shower. Certain plants like Aloe Vera, Snake plants and a Peace Lily are all great options for rooms that have higher humidity. 

If you live in a dryer climate, you could go with one of the more trendy air plants. These kinds of plants don’t need soil or much water. They can rest beautifully on top of a shelf or vase and spruce up the room that much more! 

Get Creative!

Plants don’t have to just be potted, they can be hung and strung too! Think outside of the pot when it comes to adding more plants to your home. 

You can find plenty of different beautiful wall hangings here to help you find inspiration to decorate your home. 

While you’re at it, why not get some plants that can be put to use in the kitchen? Create an herb wall to add some extra pizazz to your home. You’re not only getting some nice looking plants, you’re also getting some extra yummy options to add into your meals.

Caring for Your Plants

Getting plants is one thing, but taking care of them is a whole other task. 

Not all of us have a green thumb and we kill plants a little more quickly than we’d like. No matter what we do, our plants die on us. 

Sure, we all know that plants need a certain amount of water and sunlight. But one common way plants tend to die is being in too much sunlight. It’s important to be aware of where the sun hits your plants and for how long. Even plants that are inside can get scorched by the sun if left in direct sunlight for too long. 

A great solution to ensure that your plants are getting enough sunlight as well as shade is to install mechanical window blinds into your home. 

What’s that you ask? Let us tell you about it! 

Mechanical window blinds can be controlled to open and close from either your phone or by your voice if it’s connected to a smart device. 

Electric window coverings are a wonderful solution to keeping your house plants in ship shape. Even if you’re not home, you can close the blinds right from your phone to ensure that your plants aren’t getting burned by the sun. 

Tilt Electric Window Blinds 

Plant on Dining Room Table With Electric Blinds in Background

If you’re wondering where you can get such amazing automatic blinds, look no further than Tilt. Tilt is changing the world with their new invention of smart blinds. 

Tilt electric blinds have so much to offer. Not only can you control them to open and close right from your phone, but they are actually smart enough to close when there’s too much sunlight coming into a room. This allows the room to stay cool throughout the day and save you money on your energy bill. It also means that your plants will be safe and sound from the glaring sun when they’ve had enough. 

So give your plants the care they deserve. The next time you buy window blinds, make sure they’re smart blinds from Tilt. 

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