How to Properly Store a Kayak in Your Garage

Kayaks are popular and versatile outdoor watercraft that allow you to get outside, help improve your strength and cardiovascular health, and are great for enjoying time on the water. But to keep your kayak in good shape and ready for adventure year after year, it’s important that you store it correctly. 

Kayaks pose some unique challenges that make them tricky to store: they are big, bulky, and tend to warp in certain conditions. So you can’t lay them on your garage floor off to the side or stack them in your yard. See why proper kayak storage is so important, then take a look at the new garage kayak storage solution that removes the hassle from keeping your kayak in good condition between excursions.

Why Worry About Proper Kayak Storage? 

Kayaks can be pricey, so you want to take care of that investment. Proper storage offers protection in four key ways.

1. Protects Against Damage or Deformity

Incorrect storage of your kayak can lead to damage or deformity. Your kayak is designed with a precise shape for optimal performance in the water. The most common materials for kayaks, fiberglass and rotomolded plastic, are very durable but can warp if the weight of the kayak is not evenly distributed. 

2. Protects Against the Elements

No matter what your kayak is made of—wood, plastic, fiberglass, or some other composite material—exposure to sun, rain, snow, saltwater, heat, and cold can damage it, either quickly or over time. Somewhere indoors, like the garage, is a good place to keep your kayak out of the elements.

3. Protects Against Potential Theft

Kayak theft is a real concern with the increased popularity of kayaking and how easy it is to haul one away with a vehicle like a pickup truck. Make sure that your kayak is in a secure location where thieves cannot easily grab it and take off. This is another reason garage storage is so appealing.

4. Helps Protect Against Accidental Injury

Kayaks can range in weight from 50 to 200 pounds, so if they are not stored properly, they could easily cause injury. For example, kayaks left leaning up against a wall could fall and injure someone. 

Kayak hanging from Garage Smart Lifter

Kayak Storage the Easy Way 

The Universal XL Lifter is your solution for hassle-free kayak storage. This next-generation kayak storage system for your garage will maximize your overhead space while prolonging the life of your watercraft. It is versatile, balanced, and safe, making it the easiest way to store your kayak.


The Universal XL bracket makes attaching your kayak as simple as wrapping straps around the hull and attaching them to the bracket. And since it’s adjustable, you can fit almost any size kayak. Position the straps where you want to find the perfect balance, eliminating the threat of warping from uneven weight distribution. Then, with the touch of a finger, the motorized lift hoists your kayak for garage storage from the ceiling—balanced, protected, and out of the way. 

Controlled by Your Device

With smartphone and tablet optimization, you can use our app to control the Universal XL Lifter. Easily vary the speed and check the weight on the lifter. You might have pounds to spare to toss some lifejackets, paddles, or fishing tackle into your kayak for double the storage. Then set stopping points for the top and bottom locations so you don’t have to worry about crashing your kayak if you get momentarily distracted while raising or lowering it. 

100% Safe

The MYlifter motor has undergone rigorous testing for durability, quality control, environmental factors, and more. Plus, an internal lock ensures that your kayak will not slip or fall, even during a power outage. You can have the peace of mind in knowing that both you—and your kayak—are completely safe. Each hoist can lift up to 100 pounds 

Simple Installation

The Universal XL Lifter has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and that includes installation that doesn’t require extraordinary handyman skills. Most people find DIY installation easy with our extensive instructions. But for those who don’t want to tackle it themselves, Garage Smart can connect you with a third party company to take care of the installation for you. 

Make Your Garage a Kayak Haven

Let Garage Smart simplify your kayak storage with our safe and convenient Universal XL Lifter. Quit worrying about properly storing your kayak, and just worry about where your next kayaking adventure will be.