MYLIFTER 2.0 Kickstarter Provides The Perfect Garage Storage Solution

PROVO, Utah, Nov. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- If your garage does double duty as both a parking and storage space, you know how valuable your floor space is. Wouldn't it be great to be able to store bikes, lawnmower, containers of "overflow" and so forth somewhere else? Homeowners now have the solution thanks to this newest Kickstarter by Garage Smart:

Jerome Miles decided to take this conundrum head-on a number of years ago with an answer that doesn't involve putting up a shed or building an addition. Instead, Miles just looked up and saw opportunity as close as his garage's ceiling. That was the inspiration for MYLIFTER, a new electric winching device designed to expand garage storage.

"(Miles) noticed that cars were being parked outside and garages were being filled with big and bulky items like bikes, kayaks, canoes, kid's ride-on toys and hardtops," says Matt Sumsion, MYLIFTER's director of sales. "These things are hard to store on traditional shelving, and garages are valuable real estate. … He created MYLIFTER as a device that's safe and convenient and can be used with a smartphone."

MYLIFTER is a DC-powered electric motor that weighs about 3 lbs. and can fit in the palm of a hand. It attaches directly to the ceiling joists of a garage or other storage area. And it has the ability to lift nearly anything that's taking up space in your garage.

The company took to Kickstarter four years ago and raised more than six figures in funding. Since that time, they've received feedback from their backers about how to improve the product.

Now, they're back on Kickstarter with pre-made kits to fit the needs of bike owners, kayak/canoe/paddleboard owners, general homeowners, and even Jeep owners. See all the custom kits at

Sumsion points out that MYLIFTER isn't the only ceiling lift on the market, but it offers some unique benefits that other versions don't. For one, it's a "smart" device. Instead of a hand-operated controller that's tethered to the lifter, MYLIFTER is Bluetooth-equipped and can be operated using a free Android and iOS app.

"Its options are endless," he adds. "There's almost anything smartphone-controlled these days. We saw an opportunity in the garage space and decided to make something so simple to install yet dynamic in functionality that everyone could find a need for it in their garage."

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