Our Top Trending Design Picks

Interior design trends are constantly evolving - and we're loving so many of the top trends 2017 has to offer. Check out our curated list of trends you should definitely consider incorporating into your next home spruce-up.
•Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, "Greenery," is meant to bring a refreshing and revitalizing energy into the home. We love the way this bright green offsets stark neutrals and plays alongside prints. Try incorporating Greenery into your home with accent pillows, wall decor, a cozy throw, or go for a more bold statement like a painted door or statement wall.
•Mixed patterns are a simple way to add an eclectic feel to any home. The key to making them look clean and not overly messy is to keep all patterns in a cohesive color palette. Multiple prints within the same family of colors will mesh together effortlessly.

•Texture is a key element popping up in many interior spaces in 2017. Add a little interest to your space with unfinished wood, upholstered chairs or couches, or metallic-finish hardware. Take advantage of texture by creating subtle but eye-catching elements throughout your home's decor.


•Navy is the new black. Revive your old style with a switch-up of your neutrals. Navy goes with all the same colors and patterns as black, but adds more interest to the eye.

•Bright white decor is still taking over interior trends. Try raw, unfinished vases and dishes with a stark bone-white finish for a natural, minimalist look.

•This summer we're loving all the floral and tropical prints popping up in homes. Our tip? Try something easily interchangeable like throw pillows, since this trend is probably seasonal, but stylish nonetheless!

•Industrial textures like marble and brass, especially when paired together, give off a rough but chic vibe. Try mixing and matching to nail this trend.

•Not ready to go bold? No problem. Muted colors like blush, beige, and gray are trending at the top of the charts in 2017. We love how bright they feel and how easily they blend together in a room.