Overhead Garage Storage to Make Home Garage Parking Safer

Sometimes our garages become the default space for excess clutter, making them useless for their number one asset: parking. To free up some space in your garage and park your cars dent-free, follow our tips and tricks to maximize your garage space with overhead garage storage solutions. 

Parking bumpers

Many hardware stores sell easy-to-install parking bumpers you can adhere to your garage floor. They look and feel like speed bumps you would see on a road. Installing these bumpers in your garage can help guide you into a safe parking spot. Make sure to measure your car to create a precise parking spot within your garage.

Overhead storage

Bikes, yard tools, and other gear that is often stored in a garage usually ends up against the garage walls. Since the primary purpose for your garage is to keep your car safe, creating a free parking spot for it is crucial. By lifting bikes and other toys and tools off of the ground with overhead garage storage solutions from Garage Smart, you'll free up horizontal space for parking your cars.

Bike lifter

Garage Smart makes great lifts for home garage storage, like the Multi-Bike Lifter: a garage lift that creates overhead storage for 1-3 bikes. Simply attach them with the lifting straps and raise them to the ceiling via smartphone app. Your bikes will stay safely stored at the ceiling of your garage and won't budge until you lower them with the Garage Smart smartphone app.

Garage Smart Universal Lifter lifting bike

The Universal Lifter is a garage storage lift that can be used as an alternative to the Multi-Bike Lifter or in conjunction with it. Lift a single bike or a wheelbarrow, tent, or other object crowding your garage's wall and floor space.

Overhead lighting

You would be surprised how much better garage lighting can affect all of your everyday tasks in your garage - especially parking. Installing brighter and higher quality overhead lights can be a game-changer when it comes time to park. Improving your vision of the items in your garage will prevent dents when parking.


You should be able to park in your garage! Garage Smart creates smart storage lifters for your home garage that help you declutter your space and get gear off of the floor, freeing up space for your cars.