The Simplest-to-Install Window Coverings

Have a penchant for decor but don't want to hang rods from your ceiling to achieve the perfect window covering? Are you guilty of trying to hang up window coverings without having to drill holes by hanging them with stick-on hooks and hangers, only to have them come crashing down?

In attempting to be totally transparent, we have to disclose: we've done our fair share of maneuvering around windowsills, banging the trim by accident with tools, trying to balance brackets and screws in one hand and an entire window covering in the other while getting our windows trimmed and topped with blinds. DIY isn't always easy.

But it can be. MySmartBlinds are truly the easiest-to-install custom window coverings that are sure to stay in your window. The process isn't just as easy as 1-2-3. It's basically as easy as...well, 1.

With nothing more than the press of a lever (and peeling off some adhesive), you've got light-filtering, custom-made, automated blinds fully installed.