MyLifter Grouping

How do I Group MyLifters?

1. On the home page, click Create Group in the bottom left corner. Choose Locked Group (or, if applicable, Flex Group. See below for the difference between a locked group and flex group)

2. On the Select Devices screen, select the MyLifters you just paired and give the group a name, such as "Garage Platform" in the "Name the Group" section

3. Tap Create Group at the bottom of the screen and then "Got It" when the please confirm dialog box opens. The "Device Control" screen will open

4. To level each MyLifter in the group, click each MyLifter one-by-one (they're listed at the bottom of the Device Control screen) and adjust the cable length so each cable is the same length/distance from the floor

5. Once you've leveled each MyLifter, tap Set Group Level (iOS) or Set Reference (Android)


How do I Remove or Swap out a Lifter from a Group?

1. From the main page of the app, select Edit from the top right. For Android: Tap the trash icon. For iOS: Tap the red circle, and then delete

2. A Delete Group pop-up will appear. Select Disband

3. You should see the individual lifters that were part of that group

4. You can now follow the steps in the section above to create a new group using the desired lifters


What's the Difference Between a Locked Group and a Flex Group?

A Locked Group is used when multiple lifters must stay synchronized. While a lifter is part of a Locked Group, it cannot be controlled individually. This option is intended for lifting a single item with more than one lifter. (i.e. platforms, canoes, automotive hard tops)

A Flex Group is used to control multiple individual lifters. Lifters that are part of a Flex Group can still be controlled individually. This option is intended for lifting multiple related items at the same time. (i.e. multiple bikes, tools, storage bags)


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