Bridge for Shades Installation

Unpack and Set-up:

  • Unpack and plug in your device.
  • Choose between setting up the bridge in its final location, or setting it up in a convenient location and then moving the bridge to its final location after setup is complete.
  • When choosing a final location for the bridge, choose a centralized location to maximize communication with all of the shades.

Pair the Bridge to your tilt Account:

  1. Install or Open tilt (using your phone or tablet, search for "tilt smart home" in the App Store)

  2. In the tilt app, tap Rooms (if you don't have a room yet, create a room with the + Button)

  3. Tap into a specific room, then tap the + Button to add a device.
  4. Select Bridge

  5. If the light on the Bridge is not blinking blue, press and hold the Center Button on the Bridge (for 5 seconds) until the light starts blinking blue

  6. App should now connect to your Bridge

  7. Choose a name for your Bridge (tap Next)

  8. Select your WiFi network (tap Next)

  9. Provide the password for your WiFi (tap Next)

  10. The Bridge for Roller Shades is now setup and ready to use