MySmartRollerShades SmartThings Integration

How to Link tilt to SmartThings using your Smart Phone - Apple or Android

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device

  2. Search for Samsung SmartThings

  3. Tap Install

  4. Tap Open

  5. While in the SmartThings app sign in (or create an account) with your Samsung credentials

  6. From the Favorites tab, press the + button near the top right of the home screen

  7. Tap Device to add new device

  8. Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon to begin a search

  9. Search for Smarterhome

  10. Tap the Smarterhome skill

  11. Tap Link account

  12. Select a location and room for your Roller Shades, tap Next

  13. Log in with your tilt account credentials

  14. Notice Successfully connected to tilt (Android) or SmartThings account linked with tilt (iOS)

  15. Tap Done and you should see a list of your Roller Shades

Example for Creating an "Open All" SmartThings Scene:

  1. Open the SmartThings app

  2. From the Favorites tab, press the + button near the top right of the home screen

  3. Tap Create Scene to add a new scene

  4. Give the Scene a name, Open All

  5. Tap + button to add an action

  6. Tap Control devices

  7. Select all your Roller Shades, tap Next

  8. Tap on each shade one by one, set the Shade level to 100 for Open (use 0 for Close All scene)

  9. Tap Test scene to test this new scene

  10. Tap Save to finish

  11. Tap Done

Shades not showing up in SmartThings?

  1. Open up SmartThings

  2. Go to Menu in the bottom right

  3. Select the Settings cog in the top right

  4. Select Linked services

  5. Select tilt

  6. Select Unlink tilt (Android) or Delete (iOS)

  7. Go through the steps above for linking the account again,
    make sure to use the correct credentials for your tilt account