Design for Small Spaces

bookcases, nightstands, and shelves that float, oh my!

Kitchen with white subway tile
Floating shelves between two doors
Floating bedside table

Save some real estate by organizing your home via your walls. Legless tables may be the statement-making storage space your tiny bedroom, kitchen, or entryway needs! Plus - floating nightstands, bookshelves, and spice racks are often more cost-effective than their many-legged counterparts. Win, win.

let it all hang out

Small room with garment rack

Let a cluttered closet become a thing of your past. A garment rack won't cramp your style - it will put it on display. And the best part? You can easily DIY.

hide your light

Wall sconces and statement light fixtures are the peanut butter to your small space's jelly. They'll make everything blend together without taking up precious floor, nightstand, or side table space.

Bedroom with  wall sconces

move it or lose it

No more junk drawer. If you've got a small desk space, you know how hard it can be to keep all your stuff organized and tidy. A portable desk organizer with limited space (just for the essentials) or a pegboard will help you keep all your "junk" to a minimum. Switch out the week's most important memos, materials, and more - no junk drawer needed.

Pegboard with photos pined to it above a desk
Green pegboard above a desk
Wood organizer on desk

don't cut corners

Leave no space untouched. Or something like that. When it comes to a small room, you have to take all the storage space you can get. Using up every inch of your room can end up looking a little cluttered and chaotic, but corner storage can help the center of your room look and feel huge! Storing and displaying small-surface area items like books, records, and plants on the outer edges of your room can help open up the space visually and physically.

Three tired corner shelving
Wall book shelf


We get it, not all of your items are easy on the eyes. Investing in unique and simplistic pieces for your home that will allow you to store things neatly and discreetly is a great idea in a small house. The tidier the home, unburdened with things stuffed and stored in every crevice, the bigger and more spacious it will seem.

Hidden cabinet
Side table with hidden drawer

on the hook

You've heard it before, you'll hear it again: vertical storage will help your small space soar. But kick it up a notch more with hanging your prettiest pieces on wall hooks and rods to create your very own custom wall art. Storage: sorted; style: sorted.

set the bar, not the table

Ditch a large table and opt for a breakfast nook or bar. It will keep your space looking cozy and quaint, but not intimidated and overwhelmed by a large piece of furniture. You'll love the way a small bar gives you more room in your kitchen.

Kitchen with barstool seating
Kitchen with barstools