Park Assist

The Park Assist is the smartest, Bluetooth-enabled, automatic parking assistant for up to two vehicles. Never hang a tennis ball from the ceiling or try to squeeze out of a tightly parked vehicle and keep your car doors dent, ding, and scrape free. The Park Assist includes the Door Sensor which turns the Park Assist on when the garage door opens.

  • Easy to install
  • Great for 1-2 vehicles
  • Reduces tight, inaccurate parking
  • Pairs with the Door Sensor via Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Power: 14 Volt DC
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+ & Android 9.0+
  • Required Accessories: Power Adapter
  • Ships in 2 business days
Regular price $115.00

How It Works

The Smartest Parking Assistant

The Park Assist gives you a smarter way to park accurately and safely by allowing you to precisely customize the positions of its lasers for up to two cars – no dinging, denting, or scraping doors.

Upgrade Your Hanging Tennis Ball

Eliminate Dents

Cut the cord on your hanging tennis ball and make room for a smarter solution. Accurately park up to two vehicles and avoid scraping and denting your car doors with the help of two hinged lasers with unrivaled 180-degree motion.

Smart Sensing Automatically Turns On Lasers

The Door Sensor triggers the Park Assist to turn on when your garage door is opened by using its precisely tuned accelerometer for accurate detection of movement at the garage door. The Park Assist won’t turn on when someone walks into your garage or when heat is detected, like other parking assistants with traditional, unreliable motion sensors.

Easy To Install

The Park Assist can be installed directly onto your ceiling, so you don’t need extra hardware or professional installation. It’s also a great companion for Smart Track, making it simple to install if you already have Smart Track on your ceiling.

Works Together

Plug in the Park Assist to your existing Garage Smart system to create your own smart garage. Since most garages rely on one or two outlets, our patented power passthrough technology allows DC-powered products to daisy chain off of just one outlet. If you would like to use the Park Assist as a standalone product in your garage, you must have a Power Adapter (sold separately).

Park Assist Specs

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