Easy To Install Tech Products

MySmartBlinds' patent-pending design makes it simple to put blinds in your window without using any additional tools. Tech products often seem to require professional installers, which adds on fees, and installing products yourself can be a headache. We rounded up a few products we love that are simple to install and simple to operate.

iSmartAlarm is a home security system that boasts an installation time around 10 minutes. The kit comes with motion sensors, a hub, and two key fobs to control security from outside the house. With simple installation, you won't need to pay a security installer to do the work for you.

GetSafe is another extremely simple to install security system. It connects to your phone for app control on iOS and Android. It can also be compatible with your Nest thermostat, adjusting temperature with security settings.

If you've ever wanted a speaker system to flood your home with theater-quality sound without going through the hassle of setting up bulky speakers and stands, the Bose Virtually Invisible speakers might be the right fit for you. They are easy for anyone to install and hide within your ceiling or wall under your choice of circular or rectangular grille covers. They won't need to be in a specific area for optimum sound, since the audio will carry beautifully from anywhere.

LIFX Color 1000 light bulbs help you experience 16 million different colors and 1000 shades of light. With easy app control and setup, you can schedule your lights at different colors at all times of the day. Program your light preferences to fit your needs, from changes in color to gradual lighting and dimming.