Smart Home App Spotlight

Renovating your home can be time-consuming and headache-inducing. But you wouldn't be putting effort into it if it wasn't going to give your home a serious upgrade. Introducing automated gadgets into your home is like a stress-free renovation: giving your home a boost of modernity and making everyday tasks simpler and more productive. We have rounded up a few of our favorite smartphone apps that control automated gadgets in your home, making your home upgrade even easier. Moving up, without the stress.


lets you connect anything you plug into the wall to your smartphone. Did you leave a griddle plugged in in your kitchen? Shut it off from your phone. Want to begin heating your hair straightener from bed? Let Wemo switch it on for you. The app makes controlling all your devices simple and in one place.

lets you control your home's security from your smartphone. Locks, lights, and temperature all in one app.

We're partial to MySmartBlinds' smartphone app,

but with good reason. The app lets you control and monitor your blinds' open and closed positions. You can set a schedule for your blinds' tilt positions so you know that when the blinds need to be closed, they will be.

DirecTV's smartphone app

lets you schedule recordings from your phone - and with voice control. So you don't have to miss an episode of your favorite shows.

Your home upgrade just got simpler. Try home automation for a taste of stress-free renovation.