Apps that Help You Remember

MySmartBlinds have many benefits: they give you the power to install premium window coverings in your home in minutes; they help you wake up easier by waking you to natural light; they are energy-efficient, with solar charging and sun tracking that allows your blinds to be controlled by the season's sun patterns; and they give you maximum privacy when the sun goes down. But their convenient set-it-and-forget-it scheduling feature is one of the things that make them such a useful addition to any home.


Within most homes are several different schedules filled with dentist appointments, soccer games, and piano lessons. Keeping track of all of them is a full-time job. Maintaining your home is another. So how can you do it all? MySmartBlinds give a little bit of ease to the jobs that are running a home and running a family. You set your light preferences - choose when you want light to help you through your day and when you want privacy during night hours - and then forget about it. You might lay awake at night and try to remember if you locked your doors, but you'll never wonder if your windows are covered.

MySmartBlinds' ability to be your home's own light and privacy assistant got us thinking about other smartphone apps that may make remembering a little easier. Here is our round-up of a few of our favorites for making sure your busy life doesn't scatter your brain.



Keeping up with news just got easier. If you ever see something you want to read while scrolling through social media but just don't have the time, this app will save it for you - and even allows you to download it so you can read it offline for times when you are wifi-less. No more forgetting what that one thing was that one person said you should read. It's handled.


Datavault saves all of your passwords and usernames in one place, so you don't have to keep reverting to defaults and resetting your passwords. And you don't have to search through the notes on your phone to find the password for the app you only use once a month. With Datavault everything is organized to make it easier for you. Conquer forgetfulness.

Remember the Milk

Prioritizing is key in managing your busy life. Remember the Milk lets you record tasks you need to complete by their importance, and gives you the satisfaction of checking them off when they are done.


bytNotes helps you when you need to remember to tell someone something. Mark contacts in your phone with reminders, so when you get a call or message from someone you needed to talk to, you'll get a reminder of what you meant to say. You'll never have that, "I forgot why I called you," moment again.


One of the most stressful but easy-to-forget tasks of adulthood is bill paying. With Check, you can track your bills' due dates and receive reminders. It also allows you to pay bills right from the app and lets you know if your funds are getting low.