That Moment When Your Wi-Fi Goes Down

Desk with keyboard, coffee, journal and earbuds

We've all been there: furiously unplugging cords and switching off buttons to find a solution to the "No internet connection" message that continuously displays with every click of the browser icon. You've got full Wi-Fi bars and a smart home full of devices...but none of them will work if your internet's got a connectivity issue.

Without Wi-Fi, Alexa, smart bulbs, smart thermostats, even your super nifty smart kettle designed to brew your morning coffee, are all out of commission.

But is that it for IoT? You're simply out of luck if your Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock is the only way to get into your home and your whole neighborhood is devoid of internet? For now, Wi-Fi-enabled devices - while it feels like a real "first world problem" - could be a headache for those with unreliable internet providers.

One bright spot in the smart home space is MySmartBlinds. With Bluetooth connectivity, hub connection via Wi-Fi is simply an added perk. If your Wi-Fi is down and out, your smart window coverings are not. Within the MySmartBlinds motor, your scheduled preferences are stored and remembered. So no matter what the state of your Wi-Fi connection, MySmartBlinds have you covered.