What You Want for Your Smart Home

A survey by Lowe's asked 2,000 US homeowners to rank by importance their requirements for smart home products. Guess what people reported?

50% of Americans hope home automation would make their home more secure

Americans value security in their homes more than anything else. With MySmartBlinds, we believe everyone deserves a sense of privacy and security when they are at home or away. With our scheduling feature on the MySmartBlinds app, users can set times for opening and closing of blinds. Many MySmartBlinds owners enjoy this feature because it allows them to feel that their home is secure. When they arrive home at night, their blinds are already closed; when they are away on a vacation, their blinds open during the day, and close as it gets dark, making it appear to anyone on the outside that they are home. At MySmartBlinds, we respect the need you have for security for your home and your family. Let us help you get it.

46% of Americans hope home automation will allow them to monitor their home while they are away

MySmartBlinds allow you to make sure while you are away, your blinds are performing as you want them to. By creating a schedule for your blinds with your smartphone, you are enabling your blinds to store your preferences within their motor. That means that no matter where you are, your blinds will perform as you want them to.

40% of Americans hope home automation will lower their energy costs

With MySmartBlinds' Energy Saving mode, users can control the temperature in their home through their blinds. Their blinds will open and close when the home gets to a determined temperature, letting them warm or cool their home with clean energy.

35% of Americans hope home automation will make their home more convenient

The convenience of MySmartBlinds surprises many of our customers. The ease of installing and setting up the MySmartBlinds app and schedule is unlike any other blind motorization system. The convenience of having your blinds on your schedule will allow you to spend time on more important things, without interruption.

29% of Americans hope home automation will give them better protection

MySmartBlinds will give your home more protection in a few different ways. We have already mentioned how MySmartBlinds can help protect your home from theft while you are away. They can also help you protect your family. Many times, closing your blinds as the sun goes down is not a top priority. It can be a task easy to forget, but closing off your home to the outside world as it gets dark is important. With MySmartBlinds, you can receive protection without even thinking about it. MySmartBlinds can also help protect your furniture from sun damage. If your windows let light right onto your furniture, you may want to think about the effects of sunlight on leather and other delicate materials. Schedule your MySmartBlinds to tilt so that your furniture is out of the line of the sun. Protection, simplified.

13% of Americans want their home automation devices to make them feel more tech savvy

You don't have to be a technology genius to effectively operate MySmartBlinds. By creating control in the palm of your hand, we have given users a simple and enjoyable experience with installation and smartphone control. Plus, you can make everyone think you are super technology savvy. A bonus.

So, did we check all the boxes? Find out for yourself. Visit our "Buy" page to learn more about our smart products.


Source: greentechmedia.com