MySmartBlinds Google Integration

How to Link MySmartBlinds to Google Home using your Smart Phone - Apple or Android


  • Your MySmartBlinds account credentials
  • MySmartBlinds bridge – without this all devices will show up offline.
  • Google Home App signed into a Google account. If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you are signed into the same account as your Google Assistant enabled device.
  • A Home set up in the Google Home App - recommended.


Note: Screenshots taken on an android with Google Home App version 3.9

  1. Open the Google Home App
  2. In the Devices tab, tap on “+ Add device”. In the “Set up a device” page tap on “Works with Google”
  3. Tap on the magnifier symbol and search for MySmartBlinds.


   4. After you tap on the MySmartBlinds action, you will be directed to the MySmartBlinds Log In page. Log in with your MySmartBlinds account credentials.

  5. Once the account is linked you will be able to review the devices that are transferred. If a home isn't set up or multiple homes exist, then you will be prompted to add each MSB device to a home and/or a Room in your Google Home App


To control your blinds:

  • You can tap on the device to quickly open or close the device.
  • You can do a long press on the device, which will take you to the individual device page where you can open/close or edit the Name/Home/Room for that device.

Please note that the open and close commands will move the device to the smart open/close positions that were set in the MySmartBlinds app under room settings.

Google Assistant voice commands

  • Hey Google, Are my blinds open
  • Hey Google, Are the blinds in the kitchen open
  • Hey Google, Close/open all blinds
  • Hey Google, Close/open blinds in living room


  • In the MSB app, devices that are not in a room will not be imported into the Google Home App.
  • If commands in the Google Assistant are not working, make sure that the email accounts in both the Google Home App and Google Assistant are the same.
  • In the Google Home app, if you see a `>` symbol next to your device names which doesn’t allow for open/close control, then please close and re-open the app
  • Currently you can only fully open or close the devices via Google Home or Google Assistant.
  • If devices are showing up offline, make sure your MSB bridge is online (breathing blue). You may need to unplug and plug the bridge back in. Next, make sure the device is sufficiently charged, this can be checked in the MSB app.