MySmartRollerShades Alexa Integration

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device

  2. Search for Amazon Alexa

  3. Tap Install

  4. Tap Open

  5. While in the Alexa app, sign in with your Amazon credentials

  6. Tap Devices in the lower right corner

  7. Tap Your Smart Home Skills

  8. Tap the Enable Smart Home Skills button

  9. Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon to begin a search

  10. Search for and select tilt smart home


  12. Log in with your tilt account credentials

  13. Notice tilt smart home has been successfully linked

  14. Tap Done

  15. Tap CANCEL (iOS) or the X (Android) on the Discover Devices Screen

  16. Tap Devices in the lower right corner again

  17. Swipe down to trigger a refresh

  18. Tap Scenes near the top

  19. Your tilt routines will import here


  1. You can remove old scenes/routines from from Alexa, this will not remove the Routine from tilt
  2. Tap Discover to import routines from tilt again
  1. Visit with your mobile or desktop browser

  2. Verify that you're signed into your Amazon Account

  3. Select Smart Home on the left nav

  4. Select Smart Home Skills under Configure Smart Home

  5. Select Enable Skills button

  6. Search for and select tilt smart home

  7. Select ENABLE button

  8. LOG IN with your tilt account credentials

  9. tilt smart home has been successfully linked appears, close this tab

  10. Click CANCEL on Discover Devices pop-up

  11. Select Smart Home again on left nav

  12. Select Scenes

  13. Your tilt routines will show up here

What to say to Alexa:

If I had a routine called "Open Shades" in the tilt app, I would run it  by saying to Alexa or the Alexa App, "Alexa activate Open Shades" or "Alexa run Open Shades."