MySmartRollerShades Alexa Integration

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device

  2. Search for Amazon Alexa

  3. Tap Install

  4. Tap Open

  5. While in the Alexa app, sign in with your Amazon credentials

  6. Tap More in the lower right corner

  7. Tap Skills & Games

  8. Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon to begin a search

  9. Search for and select tilt or tilt smart home


  11. Log in with your tilt account credentials

  12. Notice tilt smart home has been successfully linked

  13. Tap Next

  14. You will be notified that the scenes were added

  15. A setup page will pop up automatically saying that "Alexa is looking for devices to connect...", tap X on the screen. Since only scenes are imported into Alexa, this page will notify that no new devices are found. You can close it before it does.

NOTE: Alexa recently changed their location for Scenes (Nov 2023). You can find the scenes by doing the following:

  1. Tap More in the lower right corner

  2. Tap Routines

  3. Tap in the upper right corner to create a routine

  4. This will take you to the New Routine page. Tap on Add an Action

  5. Tap Smart Home near the top

  6. Tap Scenes

  7. If linked successfully, your imported scenes will show up here

NOTE: If you add a new routine in the tilt app, you can send commands to Alexa to run it without re-enabling your tilt account in the Alexa app

What to say to Alexa:

If I had a routine called "Open Shades" in the tilt app, I would run it by saying to Alexa or the Alexa App, "Alexa activate Open Shades" or "Alexa run Open Shades."