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Roller Shades Automation Kit

Upgrade your roller shades effortlessly with our retrofit kit. Tranform your exisiting shades into smart, motorized shades with this easy-to-install kit. Control your shades, set schedules, and control the whole room from your phone. The Roller Shades Automation Kit includes a solar charging panel for complete wireless operation.

Compatible with Traditional Roller Shades that have an inside roller tube diameter between 1 – 1 7/8th inches.

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An Upgrade
Your Entire Home: MySmartRollerShades

Experience the future of smart living, where MySmartRollerShades merge
seamlessly with cutting-edge technology and style.

Upgrade Your Current Roller Shades with the Retrofit Kit

Already have roller shades you love? The Retrofit Kit allows you to convert your current shades into smart roller shades.


Your Roller Shade Retrofit Kit includes our patented Rod Adapters, allowing you to convert your current traditional shades to smart roller shades quickly and without hassle.

Easy Install

Our easy-to-install Retrofit Kits ensure a straightforward upgrade to MySmartRollerShades, transforming your living spaces effortlessly.

SmarterHome Bridge  

Seamlessly integrate MySmartRollerShades into your smart home ecosystem with voice and scene control through Amazon and Samsung devices. Only available with the SmarterHome Bridge.

Automated Smart Roller Shades  

Offering precise movement, a whisper-quiet mode, app, and manual control options, MySmartRollerShades seamlessly integrate into your smart home. With the perfect blend of technology and convenience, they represent the future of home comfort and automation.

Precise Movement  

Thanks to our digital encoder, your shades will always stop at the exact positions you've programmed, ensuring consistent precision. Set your shades to never bunch on the sill and close completely.  

Quiet Mode

MySmartRollerShades can be programmed to operate silently and gradually, making them perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

Manual & App Controlled

All shades allow control through the app and manually at the window for convivence. Just press the buttons on the side of the motor to control manually.

App Controlled

MySmartRollerShades are set apart via an intuitive app control system, which allows you to operate your shades wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the Tilt App.  

Smart Schedules: Sun-Tracking & Internal Clock

MySmartRollerShades can adjust to the sun's movement, ensuring you have ideal lighting throughout the day. Schedule your shades to close at sunset and your shades will close as the sun sets all year, even with seasonal changes. With roller shades that adapt to your lifestyle, you can maximize sunlight without compromising privacy.

Individual Shade & Full Room Control

Control shades individually or as a group in the Tilt app. Use this feature to best suit your lifestyle and create the ideal ambiance for any room.

Set Daily

Create custom routines in the Tilt App and join them with a schedule to simplify your daily life with the help of MySmartRollerShades. Set your roller shades to open as you get home, start to make breakfast or close as you leave.

Solar Battery System

With a maintenance-free battery system, you'll only ever need to install your roller shades and let the sun continue to power them.  

Keep Out Of The Way

Install the solar panel using the brackets or directly on the window using the clips. This keeps your solar panel hidden up top and allows you to open your window or sliding glass door with no problem.

Recharge Your Shades

With the Solar Battery System, your roller shades stay charged all year round. With a segmented solar panel, your shades can charged on cloudy days, or even when partially blocked. Your app will clearly show if they're being charged with the solar panel so you'll never need to worry about them dying.  


Seamlessly integrate MySmartRollerShades into your smart home ecosystem with voice and scene control through Amazon and Samsung devices. Only available with the SmarterHome Bridge.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa  

The SmarterHome Bridge allows you to connect your Amazon Alexa to your MySmartRollerShades. Open or close your shades through voice control and scene control.

Compatible with Samsung SmartThings  

Samsung SmartThings connects wirelessly through the SmarterHome Bridge right to your MySmartRollerShades. Control your shades through scene control. works with samsung badge


What Is Included?

Every Roller Shade Automation Kit Includes With:

    • 1 Motor with rechargeable battery and accessible buttons for manual control
    • 1 Solar Panel
    • Hardware



  • Traditional Roller Shades that have an inside roller tube diameter between 1 – 1 7/8th inches
  • iOS and Android devices


  • Roman Shades
  • Cellular Shades
  • Zebra Shades
  • Banded Shades
  • Natural Shades
  • Panel Track Shades


  • Maximum window height: 120 inches.
  • Minimum window width: 21 inches.
  • Maximum window width: 73 7/8 inches
  • Overall Weight: 3.7 lbs
  • Motor Power Rating: 6 W
  • Rating: 9.6V DC
  • Capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Max Charge Current: 500 mA
  • Max Discharge Current: 2 A
  • Solar Panel Output: 2 W


  • Q: Does the Solar Panel keep my roller shades battery charged, or do I still need to charge them once in a while?

      A: The Smarterhome Solar Panel is designed to keep your rechargeable battery at full charge when direct sunlight is available for a few hours each day of the week. There is also an easy to access micro usb port for supplemental charging of the battery.

  • Q: Is the motor loud?

      A: The Smarterhome Roller Shade Motor is designed to roll up/down your Roller Shades quiet enough to not interrupt sleep. This is achieved when the “Quiet Mode” is enabled when setting a schedule.

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