Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter
Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter
Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter

Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter

Regular price $769.00

  • Ships 12/13/2022
  • Weight Capacity: 194.6 lbs

The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter is the smartest, safest, Bluetooth-enabled lifter for fifth wheel hitches. Control speed, automatic stopping points, and weight limit in the smartphone app to keep your hitch and anything underneath it safe. The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter works with traditional fifth wheel hitches.

  • Easy to install
  • Automatically lifts and lowers your fifth wheel hitch
  • Prevents damage to truck and/or hitch Easily controlled via Bluetooth-enabled device

-Net weight lifting capacity: 194.6 lbs
-Length when lowered: 12’
-Length when raised 13”
-Power: 100-120 Volt AC
-Compatibility: iOs & Android

Patented Motor Communication

MyLifters communicate with each other to perform in sync and lift as a unit, ensuring stability.

Adjustable Kingpin

Easy positioning allows for stable and balanced lifting.

In-App Safety Features

Programmable app features prevent potential accidents and damage.

How It Works

Get Your Truck Bed Back

The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter is the safest and simplest way to remove the hitch out of your truck bed.
All you need to control the Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter is the MyLifter smartphone app on a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Do-It-Yourself Hitch Removal

The search for a reliable, safe and simple way to remove your fifth wheel hitch from your truck bed is over. Safely and easily lift your hitch with a tap on your smartphone. Plus, patented hands-free spooling keeps your from manually pulling and unwinding a tangled cable for smooth, effortless hitch lifting.

Safe & Sturdy Storage

The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter provides a safe and convenient storage alternative to the garage floor - no stubbing toes or nicking shins. With four stable lifting cables, your hitch won't spin or twist while suspended. Plus, rebalance and raise the lifting frame close to the ceiling when your hitch is in use to prevent a hazard in your garage.

Easy To Install

The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter comes with all of the necessary parts for installation, so you don’t need extra hardware or professional installation.

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