MySmartRollerShades Operation

How do I control MySmartRollerShades?

There are 3 main ways for you to open/close your new smart roller shades:

1. Directly with the tilt app

2. Automatically through the use of routines and schedules

3. Through voice control via Alexa or Samsung SmartThings (bridge required)

Controlling MySmartRollerShades with the App

Once you've paired and calibrated your shades, you can now open and close them using the tilt app. When you first open the app, you can select Rooms in the bottom middle to see a list of the rooms you've made. You can select a room and then tap Control all Shades in which will pull up a slider you can use to control each shade. You can also tap on the name of an individual shade to move that specific roller shade.

To get easier access to a shade that you'll be wanting to control often, you can select it and then tap the 3 dots in the top right of the screen. One of the options that will pull up will say Favorite. If you select that, the shade will appear on the main page of the app and you can select it from there. You can also set Routines as favorites for easy access, read more about Routines below. 

Controlling MySmartRollerShades with Routines and Schedules

It's fun to lay back and control your shades with your phone rather than having to get up and do it manually. But for days when you don't want to have to use the phone either, routines and schedules have you covered.

Routines are used to tell your shades what to do, and schedules are used to automatically run routines at certain times. For example, you could create a routine that opens all of your shades, and a schedule that activates the routine every morning, so that you can automatically open all your shades each morning.

How to create a Routine

 1. Open the tilt app and select Automation in the bottom right corner. Tap Routines in the top left

2. Tap the symbol

3. Give the routine a name and tap Save

4. Use the slider to set the position you want the shade to move to when the routine is run. Tap Done

5. Select the routines that you'd like to be activated when the schedule runs and tap Done

6. Select the shades that you want to be a part of the routine. Tap Done

7. The screen will show you the shades you have on the routine and the position the routine will move them to. You can press the + to add more shades to the routine. Tap Save

How to create a Schedule

1. Open the tilt app and select Automation in the bottom right corner. Tap Schedules in the top right

2. Tap the symbol

3. Select Time if you want it to run at a specific time, or sunrise/sunset if you want it to run based on the changing time when the sun rises or sets

4. Give the schedule a name and tap Save

5. Select the time and days when you want the schedule to activate. Days highlighted blue are the days the schedule will run, the schedule will not run on days highlighted white. Tap Done

6. Select the routines that you'd like to be run when the schedule activates and tap Done

7. Look over the details of the schedule. "Enabled" means the schedule is active, toggling that off will make the schedule turn off. "Quiet Mode" will cause the shades to move quietly when the schedules runs, at the cost of speed. Tap Save

Controlling MySmartRollerShades with Voice Control

Controlling your roller shades using voice control requires our bridge product

For help with using your roller shades using Alexa, click here

For help with controlling your roller shades using SmartThings, click here


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