Wrangler Hard Top Lifter Support

Installation Manual PDF

PRO TIP: After installing the MyLifter motors on the ceiling and assembling the Hard Top Frame, hoist just the Hard Top Frame to the ceiling using the MyLifter app and set your "Smart Lift" point in the app when the Hard Top Frame pulleys are just under the MyLifter motors but NOT touching the MyLifter motors. This will ensure the proper height that your Hard Top should be raised to and prolong the life of your MyLifter motors, all before you remove your Hard Top for first-time storage. 

MyLifter Pairing

MyLifter Grouping

MyLifter Control/Operation

Smart Track Installation

Installation Videos

Step 1: Assembling the Lifting Frame

Step 2: Finding the Right Location

Step 3: Find Joists and Install Smart Track

Step 4: Mount Smart Track Components

Step 5: Pair MyLifters with Smart Phone

Step 6: Storing Your Lifter

Step 7: Connect MyLifters to Lifting Bracket

Step 8: Connect Lifting Bracket to Hard Top

Step 9: Using the Lifter and Cargo Net

Step 10: Set Smart High and Low Points


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