Crack Down on Bathroom Organization with These 6 Tips

Turn your bathroom into the practical and organized space it's meant to be with these top tips.

Utilize height

Bathroom with floating shelves

In small spaces (like most bathrooms), finding storage space is a bit of task. But when you think bigger (and higher), you're bound to see some space you may not have been utilizing before. Using over-the-toilet storage shelves (like these from Wayfair) to stuff tissue, towels, and toothbrushes can be a great way to maximize your space elsewhere - like under the sink. Bonus tip: pick up some cute canisters like this one to store cotton balls or hair accessories and voila - you have decorative pieces for your shelves!

Bonus bonus tip: this wall mountable rack holds folded towels perfectly - if towel storage is all you're after.

To the wall

We love a corner shelf (like this one) to do some of your storage's heavy lifting. Put rolls of toilet paper, candles, or even some light reading in your bathroom's corner. Pushing storage space all the way to the edges of the room will create the illusion of more space - and keep stuff from piling up elsewhere. Mission: organized.

Out of sight, out of mind

If you don't have a great bathroom cabinet, Wayfair has an excellent selection of mountable cabinets. A space to store things out of sight is key in a bathroom.

Cut down on countertop congestion

We get it, you've got products. Hand soap, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. But it doesn't all need its own bottle. We LOVE an organized solution for product overload: like this one from Wayfair. Now you can have your sink back!

Divide and conquer

Drawer dividers are a great way to ensure that the products you use most are easy to find.

Who you callin' "lazy?"

Lazy Susans aren't just for the kitchen. Store products under the sink on a turntable to easily locate what you need and keep your products from piling up.

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