Save $100 with the Basic Lifter Bundle

Basic Lifter Bundle

Transform your garage into a hub of efficiency, convenience, and smart integration with the Basic Lifter Bundle. This specially assembled bundle integrates seven of our most useful products, aiming to redefine your garage dynamics. Experience a harmonized blend of technology and utility, all while capturing an irresistible $100 discount compared to purchasing each product separately.

  • Easy installation
  • 100lb weight capacity
  • Built-in safety features
  • Compact lifting hook for item storage
  • One-touch lifting and lowering with our Bluetooth app

Includes: Basic Lifter, Park Assist, Power Drop, Power Adapter, Spotlight, Door Sensor, and two additional Smart Tracks

  • Ships in 2 business days
Regular price $985.00 Sale price $885.00 Save $100.00

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The Basic Lifter is a game-changer for heavy-duty lifting in the garage. Crafted to effortlessly handle substantial weight, it provides the convenience of safely elevating bulky items, freeing valuable floor space. Essential for homeowners keen on optimal space utilization, this lifter ensures the bulky items are stored securely overhead, within easy reach when needed.

SmarterHome Basic Lifter Garage Storage Solution


  • Safe and efficient heavy-duty lifting
  • Maximize available garage space
  • Precision handling of bulky items
SmarterHome Basic Lifter Garage Storage Solution


  • 100lb lifting capacity
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Weight sensing
  • Automatic locking mechanism
SmarterHome Park Assist Garage Parking Solution


  • Ensures consistent and precise parking positions
  • Reduces the risk of vehicle damage
  • Offers peace of mind each and every time you park
SmarterHome Park Assist Garage Parking Solution


  • Dual lasers with 180-degree motion for precise guidance
  • Bluetooth integration for enhanced connectivity
  • Door Sensor activation for automatic operation upon garage entry

Elevate your parking precision with Park Assist. Equipped with lasers offering 180-degree motion, this system eradicates tight squeezes, door dings, and guesswork. No more relying on makeshift indicators or fearing vehicle dings. With the Park Assist, every parking is accurate, and every vehicle is safe.

Every garage deserves clear, bright lighting. The Spotlight isn’t just another light; it’s tailored for the unique needs of a garage. Whether you’re working on a project, searching for a tool, or simply admiring your vehicle, good lighting is essential. The Spotlight, with its adjustable brightness, ensures you always have the ideal illumination for every task, enhancing your garage’s functionality.

SmarterHome Spotlight Garage Lighting Solution


  • Creates a brighter, safer working environment
  • Customizable lighting to fit your needs
  • Cohesive integration with the SmarterHome ecosystem
SmarterHome Spotlight Garage Lighting Solution


  • Bluetooth-enabled for seamless remote operation
  • Adjustable brightness up to 1200 lumens
  • Door Sensor Activation for automatic illumination upon entry
SmarterHome Power Drop Garage Power Solution


  • Elevates the power accessibility in the garage with three outlets
  • Reduces clutter with a single centralized power source
  • Provides real-time power consumption feedback for safety
SmarterHome Power Drop Garage Power Solution


  • Bluetooth app integration for tailored power management
  • Retractable 25-foot cord catering to distant power needs
  • Set smart schedules for automated power management

Traditional garages suffer from a severe lack of power outlets, limiting their functionality. Enter Power Drop, a smart solution that extends power to where you need it most. Its retractable design means you have an outlet within reach, whether near the floor or closer to the ceiling. By empowering you to plug in multiple devices, the Power Drop unlocks your garage’s full potential.

Seamlessly power and connect your SmarterHome products with the Power Adapter. It's the backbone of the system, ensuring each device receives the right amount of power without overwhelming your garage's electrical system. Moreover, its daisy-chaining ability emphasizes a clean setup, minimizing messy wires. Essential for keeping your devices protected and your garage looking neat.

SmarterHome Power Adapter Garage Tool Solution


  • Seamless daisy chaining of products in this bundle
  • Enhanced Safety from overloads
  • Real-time power consumption monitoring
SmarterHome Power Adapter Garage Tool Solution


  • Compatability to connect multiple SmarterHome products
  • 12 amp breaker and active current limit
  • Dynamic LED strip for wattage feedback
SmarterHome Smart Tracks Garage Ceiling Mount Solution


  • Versatile mounting solutions
  • Clutter-free wiring for a neat appearance
  • Secure and sturdy attachment for all SmarterHome products
SmarterHome Smart Tracks Garage Ceiling Mount Solution


  • 30-inch connectable heavy-duty steel tracks
  • Plastic covers to conceal wires
  • Attachment points every 3-inches for diverse product mounting

Securely mount and organize the products in your bundle with the Smart Track. It’s more than just a mounting system; it’s the foundation for your smart garage. With the ability to hide wires and provide a clean look, the Smart Track ensures that all the products in this bundle cohesively fit together, creating an organized, efficient, and modern garage space. Bundle includes (2) additional Smart Tracks.

The Door Sensor acts as an intelligent trigger for your garage’s lighting system. It detects the opening and closing of your garage door, activating or deactivating the Spotlight as programmed. This device is essential for energy-saving automation and enhancing the convenience of your smart garage.

SmarterHome Door Sensor Garage Automation Solution


  • Automated lighting control based on door activity
  • Enhanced security by illuminating the garage upon entry
  • Peace of mind through remote garage door status checks
SmarterHome Door Sensor Garage Automation Solution


  • Precise motion detection technology
  • Compatibility with the GarageSmart app for easy programming
  • Simple installation and setup
SmarterHome Basic Lifter Garage Storage Solution

Seamless Integration

The Basic Lifter Bundle encapsulates more than just individual products, it fosters an environment. Every product seamlessly complements the other with daisy-chaining compatability, resulting in a synergized, holistic, and upgraded garage atmosphere. With all devices conveniently mounted using Smart Tracks, this bundle pioneers the future of the modern garage.

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