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  An Upgrade for Every Room In The House: MySmartRollerShades

Achieve the designer look and introduce cutting-edge technology for modern and convenient living with your blinds.

Automated Smart Blinds  

Offering precise movement, a whisper-quiet mode, app control, and manual control options, MySmartBlinds seamlessly integrate into your smart home.

Precise Movement  

Digital motor control & drive system

With precise movement, your blinds will tilt at the exact angle you program them. Precisely control your privacy and the amount of light entering a room.

Gradual Tilt

Enjoy peace & tranquillity

MySmartBlinds can be programmed to operate silently and gradually, making them perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

Energy Savings

Keep the ideal temperature inside

With precise movement, your blinds will tilt at the exact angle you program them. Precisely control your privacy and the amount of light entering a room.

Pull To Tilt

Multiple ways to control

Tilt your blinds open or closed manually by tugging the tilt wand. Control with the MySmartBlinds app or manually at any time.  

App Controlled

MySmartBlinds are set apart via an intuitive app control system, which allows you to operate your blinds wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the MySmartBlinds App.  


Prioritize light & privacy

MySmartBlinds can adjust to the sun's movement, ensuring you have ideal lighting throughout the day. Schedule your blinds to close at sunset and your blinds will close as the sun sets all year, even with seasonal changes. With blinds that adapt to your lifestyle, you can maximize sunlight without compromising privacy.

Individual Shade & Full Room Control

Tailor your environment  

Control blinds individually or all in a room in the MySmartBlinds app. Use this feature to best suit your lifestyle and create the ideal ambiance for any room.

Smart Schedules

Automate your daily life  

Create a schedule to simplify your daily life with the help of MySmartBlinds. Set your blinds to open as you get home, start to make breakfast, or close as you leave.

Solar Battery System

The included Solar Battery System allows your blinds to stay charged and operational all year.

Keep Out Of The Way

Easily hidden  

Install the solar panel using the brackets or directly on the window using the clips. The solar panel sits high and out of the way, keeping your window clear from obstructions.

Recharge Your Shades

Effortless upkeep  

Our segmented solar panel design allows for recharging in various conditions. Your app will clearly display the charge state and charge level for all MySmartBlinds in your home.

Upgrade Your Current Blinds with the Automation Kit

Already have blinds you love? The Automation Kit allows you to convert your current blinds into MySmartBlinds.

Same Features

Upgrade your existing window blinds with the MySmartBlinds Automation Kit to enjoy the same advanced features and convenience as our custom smart blinds.


Your Blinds Automation Kit includes our patented Rod Adapters, allowing you to convert your current traditional blinds to smart blinds. Keeping the technology hidden and out of the way.

Easy Install

Our easy-to-install Automation Kits ensure a straightforward upgrade to MySmartslinds, transforming your living spaces effortlessly.

Order Your New Custom Blinds

Order your custom blinds and add motorization to get smart features.

10+ Colors

Choose from 10+ Colors for your custom blinds. Choose between embossed and smooth options.

Made To Order  

Each MySmartRollerShades is made to order, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows.

Easy Install

Our MySmartBlinds are easy to install, ensuring a straightforward installation. Choose SmartLock when ordering for an easy one-person install.

Smart Motorization Selection

Choose Smart Motorization when ordering for all smart features like app control, sun-tracking, and scheduling.

Mount Type

SmarterHome offers an array of choices when customizing your blinds. Choose between outside mount, inside mount or SmartLock inside mount for your blinds.

Solar Charging

MySmartBlinds, when purchased with smart motorization, includes a solar battery system. This solar panel can be installed out of the way and keeps your blinds working all year long.