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Bundle and Save $50 with the 2 Garage Lighting Bundle

2 Car Garage Lighting Bundle

Regular price $1,400.00 Sale price $1,300.00 Save $100.00

Transform your garage into a beacon of visibility with the 2 Car Garage Lighting Bundle. Specifically curated for the two-car garage owner, this bundle offers a complete lighting solution that brings clarity, convenience, and advanced control to your space. Experience a harmonized blend of technology and utility, all while capturing an irresistible $50 discount compared to purchasing each product individually.

Includes: 10-Smart Tracks, 8-Spotlights, 2-Power Adapters, 1-Door Sensor, and 1-Smart Switch Pro

  • Ships in 2 business days

Professional installation available. Inquire Here

Each of the eight Spotlights in this bundle serves as a powerful source of illumination, casting 1200 lumens across your garage. These lights are designed to brighten every corner, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed, whether you’re working on a vehicle, finding tools, or just navigating through.

SmarterHome Spotlight Garage Lighting Solution


  • Comprehensive lighting solution for the entire garage
  • Bright, adjustable illumination tailored to a variety of tasks
  • Energy-efficient LEDs reduct electricity usage
SmarterHome Spotlight Garage Lighting Solution


  • Bluetooth-enabled for seamless remote operation
  • Adjustable brightness up to 1200 lumens
  • App-controlled for customized lighting schedules
SmarterHome Power Adapter Garage Daisy-Chain Solution


  • Streamlined power delivery to all Spotlights
  • Integrated safety features to prevent electrical overloads
  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption for energy management
SmarterHome Power Adapter Garage Daisy-Chain Solution


  • Dual output ports for simultaneous AC and DC power distribution
  • Built-in 12 amp breakers for each adapter, ensuring protection
  • Clear LED indicators for immediate power usage feedback

The two Power Adapters in this bundle are the central hubs for connecting and managing your garage’s lighting system. They are designed to power multiple Spotlights efficiently, ensuring consistent lighting without overloading your electrical system.

The ten Smart Tracks included provide a robust framework to mount your Spotlights securely. These tracks are the linchpin of the system, ensuring a clean, organized, and sleek setup that supports the seamless operation of your lighting.

SmarterHome Smart Tracks Garage Mounting System


  • Aesthetic and orderly arrangement of multiple spotlights
  • Strong and reliable mounting for all included devices
  • Flexible configuation adapts to any garage layout
SmarterHome Smart Tracks Garage Mounting System


  • Durable steel tracks with multiple attachment points
  • Easy-to-use plastic covers that conceal wiring and enhance safety
  • Interconnect tracks for custom lengths and configurations
SmarterHome Door Sensor Garage Automation Solution


  • Automated lighting control based on door activity
  • Enhanced security by illuminating the garage upon entry
  • Peace of mind through remote garage door status checks
SmarterHome Door Sensor Garage Automation Solution


  • Precise motion detection technology
  • Compatibility with the GarageSmart app for easy programming
  • Simple installation and setup

The Door Sensor acts as an intelligent trigger for your garage’s lighting system. It detects the opening and closing of your garage door, activating or deactivating the lights as programmed. This device is essential for energy-saving automation and enhancing the convenience of your smart garage.

The Smart Switch Pro is the quintessential control point for your garage’s new lighting system. This device allows you to turn your Spotlights on and off, create groups for different lighting zones, and manage your garage’s illumination from a single, convenient location.

SmarterHome Smart Switch Pro Garage Lighting Control Solution


  • Intuitive control over all connected lighting fixtures
  • Flexibility to use as a fixed switch or a portable remote
  • Ability to customize lighting groups based on your garage layout
SmarterHome Smart Switch Pro Garage Lighting Control Solution


  • Controls up to seven custom groups for varied lighting scenes
  • Magnetic wall plate for easy removal and use as a remote
  • Seamless pairing with all spotlights and other SmarterHome accessories

Seamless Integration

The 2 Car Garage Lighting Bundle from SmarterHome is an innovative solution, addressing the need for specialized, high-quality garage illumination. This bundle ensures that your garage is not just well-lit but is a dynamic space, equipped with smart technology for optimal functionality. Illuminate your garage the SmarterHome way—where every light serves a purpose.

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