Declutter Creatively With These Spring Cleaning Tips

We've all fallen victim to discounts and sales and have ended up purchasing stuff we don't need - but it's time for spring cleaning, and we're here to help by debunking the claims of five different home products you really don't need cluttering up your space.

Place settings aplenty

Although it seems table settings are sold and advertised by the dozen, when was the last time you threw a dinner party for 12? Chances are, if you need 12 place settings, you'll know far enough in advance to borrow or rent from a service like Table + Teaspoon. Besides, storing unused plates and dinnerware for too long will just leave your cupboards dusty and cluttered.

The anti-cleaning solution

Speaking of clutter, there's a cleaning solution for everything: dust, grime, mold, glass surfaces, tile surfaces, wood surfaces...the list goes on. But if you purchase a cleaning solution for every type of mess, chances are you'll up with a bunch of half-empty bottles and a cupboard full of toxic chemicals. Ditch the stuff you can live without - most messes can be cleaned and sanitized with vinegar and a lemon.

Living room with neutral colored chair, sofa and rug.
Living room with coffee table and sofa

Creating clutter

A common home decor trap is the myth that more furniture equals more appealing style. The truth is - unless there is a use for it (for example: to sit on it, lay on it, store things in it, etc.), you probably don't need it. Traditional trends like placing end tables by living room couches aren't creating more space - they're creating a need for more stuff. With more furniture and storage comes a need to fill the storage with things - lamps and books and trinkets and all of a sudden your space is looking cluttered, instead of open. Downsize. A coffee table may just be all your living room needs.


Cookbook hoarder? You're not alone. Pick your favorites and let the rest go. Recipes are so easy to find in this day and age. Free up some space in your kitchen and put the best books on display.

Put down the pillows

We love a pillow party as much as the next person, but sometimes less is just more! Don't let cushions overwhelm your couch or bed - try a more minimal look for a cleaner and less cluttered space.

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