Easy Kayak Storage With a Kayak Garage Hoist

Kayaking is a hobby loved by millions of people around the world. It is the perfect sport to enjoy with family and friends! However, kayaks are big, bulky, and can be difficult to store away in the offseason.

Finding the room and means to properly store a kayak, may be a challenge, but with these tips, the process will be simpler. Following the tips below will ensure safe and easy storage for your beloved kayak. 

Tips For Storing Your kayak 

  1. Clean

Before you’re ready to put your kayak away for the night or for the winter, it is important that you give it a good wash. Any dirt, oil, or dust that is left on a kayak can damage the hard shell over time. Use a mild cleaner and towel to wash it down, and then rinse well with water. Make sure no soap is left on the kayak. Finally, completely dry the kayak before you store it away. If there is excess water left, it could create mold or mildew on your kayak over time. 

Orange and red kayaks that are stored on top of each other and are nicely cleaned.

  1. Cover

To keep your kayak in the best condition, it’s smart to invest in a kayak cover. A cover will help keep any moisture from getting in and damaging your kayak while you store it over time. If you don’t want to get a specific kayak cover, you can also consider simply wrapping it in a tarp. Any protection is better than no protection! 

  1. Store indoors 

This tip might be a little obvious, but it is not always easy to do. If you are maybe considering storing it outdoors just for a few nights, think again! Kayaks need to be stored indoors to protect from harsh weather. Contact with the sun and changing temperatures can ruin a kayak. Try to find room in your garage, where the temperature will be more regular and where your kayak will be protected from weather and sun. 

  1. Proper Position

There are a couple of positions that are good for storing a kayak, and some that are not so good. Contrary to popular belief, you should never store it on its side. Kayaks should be stored upside down or right side up. Vertically is also a good option. But know that a kayak should never be stored right on the ground as that can cause the frame of the shell to curve up over time.The best position is suspend your kayak from the ceiling. This is an excellent way to keep it safe and out of reach from the children. Whatever position you choose, make sure that it is strapped in to prevent it from falling. 

One green kayaks that are hanging from the ceiling of a storage unit.

  1. Consider an Electric Hoist

Understanding that kayaks are pretty bulk, a great option for storage is to use an electric hoist to store it high and in your garage. Most people have little space to spare in their garage, but on the ceiling, you will find plenty of room. An electric lift will help keep your kayak in the right position and balance over time. It also makes it easy to grab and go for quick access or sturdy and safe over a longer period of time.  

An Electric Kayak Hoist Make Storage Easy

The Universal XL Lifter by Garage Smart adapts to your garage storage needs. Their electrical kayak hoist is versatile, balanced, and safe. Each hoist can lift up to 100 lbs and easily stores your kayak at the touch of a finger with BlueTooth connection. The electric lift included storage straps that adapt to the shape of your item, making the storage process simple and hassle-free! 

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