How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine

There’s no better feeling than starting your day off right. Research has shown that creating and following a morning routine produces higher positive emotional states. It decreases depressive symptoms, illustrating that if people’s emotions were effectively regulated in the morning, then it allows them to be in a more positive state for the rest of the day.

Thus, finding a healthy morning routine provides opportunities to enhance mental and physical health that helps us conscientiously navigate through our day-to-day events and challenges. There are several kinds of routines that people follow daily but not all routines are good routines. That’s why we’re providing key tips on how to make a morning routine that works for you below. 

How to Create a Morning Routine

1. Rise Early

How do you create a morning routine? It all starts with getting out of bed early. Not only does this open doors for some quality time, but it allows you to get things in order before the day begins. So when is it the best time to wake up? 

Even if you’re a night owl, you can slowly train yourself to be an early riser by waking up earlier than you normally do. For example, start by getting up 15 minutes earlier during the first week, 20 minutes the following week, and so on until you reach your goal. 

Waking up earlier also means you should get to bed earlier. So be sure to incorporate this same time-reduction strategy into your evenings to ensure you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep. 

2. Make Your Bed

It’s always the little things that make a huge difference. Once you get out of bed, make your bed. As Admiral McRaven stated during his 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin, accomplishing this first task of the day “will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.”

Once you’ve crossed this off your list, you’ll feel more inspired to tackle other essential items throughout the day. 

3. Exercise Your Mind

Mornings are an integral time of day to organize and get creative. Studies have shown that people have high-morality in the mornings. Thus, it’s a great time to reflect, practice mindfulness, and make decisions. 

  • Make a to-do list - Whether it’s making a grocery list or personal tasks you want to complete, creating daily and/or weekly goals helps you feel productive. And when you cross off these tasks, you will feel very accomplished by the end of the day. 
  • Set an intention for the day - It’s easy to succumb to the negative voices in our minds; we are our worst critics, after all. No matter what challenges you face ahead, jot down the kind of day or week you would like to see yourself having. 
  • Perhaps you want to practice more positivity or gratitude throughout your day. Being mindful of these intentions allows you to stay centered amid the hustle and bustle.

    You can share these with a friend or family member to help keep you accountable for your intentions.

    Be sure to write all of these goals down in a journal. We may be inclined to jot down these things in our digital notepads or phones, but actually writing these out will help you absorb and acknowledge your objectives. Moreover, avoiding electronics in the morning will help alleviate distractions and better help you focus on you. 

    Woman writing in journal with pen

    4. Exercise Your Body

    Exercise boosts serotonin in your brain, making you happier and increasing your sense of well-being and self-confidence. Though you may feel tired afterward, it makes you more relaxed, which is the perfect mood to start your day with. Moreover, it's been shown that exercising encourages people to make healthier food choices throughout their day.   

    Some great exercises to do in your mornings are: 

  • Jogging or running - Both activities help build strong bones and improve cardiovascular fitness. Be sure you have the right running shoes to avoid injuries.
    • Doing yoga/stretches - Yoga is a great way to be in tune with your body and practice awareness and strength. If you don’t have time to get through a full yoga routine, you can simply do some quick stretches (such as a standing hamstring or butterfly stretch) to get your blood flowing.
    • Walking - If you’re just getting started with exercising, walking is a perfect place to begin. Going for a brisk walk outside will help you wake up and feel active for the day.

    5. Eat Breakfast

    As you’ve probably heard many times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you certainly shouldn’t overlook this fact; the fuel that you consume early in the day plays a significant part in your performance. Eating breakfast boosts brainpower, making you feel more stimulated to tackle tasks. In addition, people who make breakfast the biggest meal are more likely to have a lower body mass index.

    Be sure to consume meals that feature healthy carbs and fiber with some lean protein such as: 

    • Oatmeal
    • Yogurt with fruit
    • Low-fat breakfast sandwich 
    • Smoothie 

    These types of meals will provide you with the right energy that will keep your food cravings at a minimum throughout the day. Moreover, by making healthy decisions in the morning, you’ll be more likely to continue to make them throughout the rest of the day. 

    How to create a morning routine can be accomplished by incorporating these five steps. As it’s easy to get swept up in the daily hustle and bustle of our professional and personal lives, following a healthy morning routine opens the door for some quality time to reflect and accomplish things that promote your well-being. It’s important to be patient with yourself, making small adjustments each day to achieve your morning goals. 

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