How to Take the Top Off a Jeep Without Losing Your Cool

Jeep owners have their cars because they love exploring the outdoors. But nothing is more annoying than wasting a beautiful day in your garage fighting to remove the hard top from your Jeep. Sure, it’s easier if you can talk someone into helping, but what if that’s not an option? Here’s how to take the top off a Jeep by yourself without losing your cool. 

How to Remove Jeep Wrangler Hard Top 

Jeep Wrangler hard tops are popular because of their durability. They are more sturdy, secure, and quieter than soft tops, and better protect the interior of your Jeep. Plus, they provide the option of using a roof rack to carry outdoor gear. 

However, hard tops are more difficult to remove, which presents unique challenges. Here’s how to remove your Jeep hard top—both the hard way and the easy way.

Hard Top Removal the Hard Way

Removing the hard top is a two-person job. Without the help of some equipment, it is not recommended to attempt to take off your Jeep hard top by yourself. Not only can you damage the top, but you can hurt yourself as well. 

So, the hard way to remove your Jeep hard top by yourself is to wait until you have a second person to help, especially when it’s perfect surfing conditions. 

How to remove your Jeep Wrangler hard top once you do finally track down a helper is to simply follow Steps 1 and 2 below, removing parts in order as suggested by the owners manual, then work with your partner to slowly lift the hard top off, keeping it level. 

Hard Top Removal the Easy Way

The good news is you don’t have to wait around for a family member or buddy to be free to take off your Jeep hard top and head off for an outdoor adventure. Garage Smart’s Jeep Hard Top Lifter lets you quickly and easily remove your hard top—no special skills or helping hands required. 

Step 1: Release Interior Latches

On the inside of your vehicle, undo all the latches that connect your hard top to your vehicle. You may need to move sun visors to reach latches. 

Step 2: Disconnect All Securing Points

Check your owner’s manual to find all the places your hard top is secured to your vehicle (it may vary by model year and the number of doors).  If you have a newer model Jeep with lights or other electrical components, disconnect those as well. Remove all bolts that secure your hard top and store those in marked containers or plastic bags. 

Step 3: Lower the Hoist

With your smartphone, lower the Jeep Hard Top Lifter to rest on top of the Jeep roof. The soft, anti-scratch pads will protect your hard top as it lifts. Connect the hooks to the edges of your hard top. 

Step 4: Raise the Hoist

Using the app on your phone, lift your Jeep hard top safely off the vehicle and overhead.

Jeep Hard Top Storage

Removing your hard top is only half the battle; you need to safely store it too. Our Jeep Hard Top Lifter is also the perfect Jeep hard top storage solution (it also comes with freedom panel and accessory storage). After you remove your hard top, it can stay suspended overhead, out of the way and ready for when you want to put it back on. 

How to Remove Jeep Soft Top 

While Jeep soft tops provide less protection and are less durable than hard tops, they are more versatile. Soft tops are also much easier to remove, and it can be accomplished by a single person.

Step 1: Release Front Latches

On the inside of your vehicle, release the front latches from the windshield. You may need to move sun visors to access them.

Step 2: Remove Side Windows

Unhook the Velcro and unzip any zippers on your side windows. Do not fold the windows.

Step 3:  Remove or Roll Up the Back Window

Depending on your Jeep, the back window may come out or be rolled up (elastic loops will hold it in place). Unzip any zippers and release the back section from the vehicle. 

Step 4: Release the Back Corner Sections

With your back window removed or rolled up, release the flaps from the soft top sections connecting the top to the back corners of the vehicle. Flip those up to lay on top of the roof. 

Step 5: Release the Top

Pull on the tabs near the front to release the top. 

Step 6: Gather and Tuck the Top

While guiding your Jeep soft top toward the rear, gather the material in neat folds and tuck it all in behind the back seats. 

If you’re wondering how to remove the Jeep soft top completely to store outside the vehicle, fold the top all the way down. Use the Velcro straps that come with the Jeep to secure the top’s bars together on each side. Then remove the two screws on each side that hold the frame into the rollbar, and set aside your soft top.

Now enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing how to take off the top of a Jeep. Happy exploring!