One-day DIY Garage Makeover

The garage is the hardest working space in your home that usually gets little to no love. Sprucing up your space and making your garage look and feel less neglected could be as simple as a one-day makeover.

Garage Door Makeover

Most standard garage doors are unattractive and not customizable. And stylish, custom garage doors can cost thousands of dollars. Make some small improvements to your existing garage door to enhance your curb appeal.

Paint and glaze

You can take your plain garage door to looking as good as new with a bucket of paint and some glaze to top it off. Make sure to power wash your garage door and let it dry before applying any paint. Follow the existing panes or panels of your garage door and apply darker coats in the grooves for a "carriage door" effect.

Painting faux hardware

If you're up for a total transformation, you can paint faux hardware and windows onto your existing garage door to achieve a more modern, upscale look. Use the top row of your sectioned garage door to paint window panes and add real wood trim to polish the look. Add metal door handles and straps to fake a carriage door on any standard garage door.

Color-block your door

There are tons of ways to add a little color to your garage door. Perhaps the simplest technique is color-blocking. Section off the middle of your garage door with tape and apply colored paint inside the lines. You'll end up with a garage door that looks completely new by creating dimension between the outer and inner portions of the door.

Tool organization

Large yard tools like rakes, brooms, and garden hoes can create clutter and a safety hazard against the walls of your garage. And large, bulky items like lawnmowers and snowblowers can be difficult to store. Finding inventive ways to creatively get these large tools off of the garage floor and out of the way will help your space feel bigger and more versatile.

Garage Smart Tool Rack

Lift your tools

The Platform Lifter by Garage Smart is a versatile garage lift system for all kinds of tools. Roll your lawnmower or snowblower onto the platform before raising it up, or add the Tool Rack to the bottom of the platform for convenient and safe slots for your shovels, rakes, and other yard tools.

Storing small tools

Although you can use a garage lift system for small tools as well, you can also use open bins found at home goods stores to store loose, small tools if you're overcrowding your toolbox and want a compact place to store them. Stackable bins are a good idea for reducing clutter and maximizing storage space. If you don't have an open table or shelving in your garage, try adhering a piece of sheet metal to the wall. By simply placing some small magnets on the sheet metal, you will have a magnetic storage space for small metal tools.

Upgrade your floor

Upgrading your floor might be the finishing touch your garage needs once you've cleared the floor of clutter. A shiny epoxy floor coating won't just make your garage floor look finished and upscale, it will also help your floor resist chips and stains. Plus, it's easy to wipe clean.

Coating your garage floor

To coat and seal your garage floor, you'll need:

  • Epoxy-based crack repair product
  • Broom
  • Mop and all-purpose cleaner
  • Epoxy paint
  • Hardener
  • Paint tray and brush
  • Floor topcoat

Start by filling any cracks and/or small holes in your floor with an epoxy-based crack repair product (you can find products like these at any hardware store, or on Amazon). You'll want to make sure your floor is completely smooth and clean before painting it, so sweep and mop, letting it air dry completely, before painting. Stir your can of epoxy paint before pouring in the smaller can of hardener. Once both liquids are completely mixed together, fill a paint tray. Begin evenly applying paint to the floor. You may want to work in large sections, letting them dry before moving on, so you have use of portions of the garage floor. The epoxy paint needs about 24 hours to dry before applying a second coat. Let your second coat dry for about 30 minutes and then blend the topcoat with the hardener for the final coating. Within 72 hours, you'll have a sparkling and smooth garage floor.


Some of the biggest pain points in a garage are storage and utility. Garage Smart creates garage lift storage that help get your items off of your garage floor and are easily accessed via smartphone app. With Garage Smart's garage lift system, motorized storage is simpler than ever.