Small Cleaning Hacks

There are simple things you can do to your living space to make it look spic and span in just a few minutes. If you've got last minute house guests coming or you just want to spruce up your space but don't have time for a big declutter, follow along with our simple steps to a tidier home.

Abolish any unwanted scents

If your house smells clean, you've won half the battle. A pleasant smelling living space goes a long way in making the home feel fresh and clean. Try lighting a candle in the living room or sending orange or lemon peels down the garbage disposal to cover up unwanted stench in the kitchen.

De-stain the kitchen

Use a lemon to clean up stains in the kitchen. Simply swipe half of a lemon along a cutting board or counter top to remove stains and make the kitchen smell fresh and citrusy.

Make a natural cleaning solution

Using vinegar and your favorite herb (sage, basil, vinegar, or anything else you can find in your fridge), you can make a simple cleaning solution that freshens up countertops and smells amazing. Simply fill a spray bottle with vinegar and diffuse your herb of choice. The vinegar will help lift stains and the plant will give your home a fresh and clean scent.

Scoop up pet hair in a flash

Do you have a dog that makes your home always feel a little less than tidy? Use damp rubber gloves (even the ones you just used for the dishes) to pick up pet hair around the house. The dampened rubber will help you pick up pet hair quickly and effectively.

Shine up your faucets

Get creative with toothpaste in your sinks. Use a little bit of toothpaste to scrub down faucets and handles to make your sinks gleam.

Stack up clutter

Stack up magazines or books on your coffee table in one pile. Place remotes on top to keep all of your clutter in one space. Better yet, stack them on top of an unwanted stain.

Steam clean your blinds

Wrap a towel around your steamer's brush and swipe across your blinds. This will remove built-up dust in seconds. The towel will pick up all the dust so you don't send it flying all over the room.

No steamer? No problem

Dip a sock into a half-water, half-vinegar solution to clean your blinds. It will be a longer process, but will still effectively remove dust and keep it from relocating to other parts of the room.