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MySmartBlinds are the most elegant solution for upgrading your blinds with a suite of useful and convenient features

  • Control light and privacy in your home
  • Customizable for your needs
  • Solar-battery powered
  • Bluetooth operated

Click here to order free color swatches.

  • Ships in 5-9 business days
  • This is a custom product. All sales are final.

-Maximum window height: 120”
-Maximum window width: 73 7/8”
-Minimum window width: 21”
-Minimum window jam depth (inside mount only): 2.5"

-2" Faux Wood slats

-Smart Motorization Compatibility: iOS & Android

*SmarterHome tip: If your window is over 73 7/8” wide, mount two MySmartBlinds next to each other.

Smart Motorization Integrations
- Works with Amazon Alexa*
* Integrations require a SmarterHome Bridge


Please note: if measurements are submitted incorrectly and your window coverings do not fit your window, you will not be refunded.

Please make sure to follow our measuring instructions carefully.

Measure twice, order once.

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Best Smart Window Shades and Blinds
"SmarterHome MySmartBlinds blend solid design with hands-free battery charging. We especially like the battery-charging setup, thanks to an included solar-panel accessory. In practice, we think this is potentially a huge benefit for people with hard-to-reach windows or mobility issues, or for those who simply don’t want to bother."

Add Smart Motorization to

Offering precise movement, a whisper-quiet mode, app control, and manual control options,
MySmartBlinds seamlessly integrate into your smart home using your smartphone and work manually by tugging the tilt wand to open or close.

Precise Movement  

With precise movement, your blinds will tilt at the exact angle you program them, every single time. Precisely control your privacy and the amount of light entering a room.

Gradual Tilt  

MySmartBlinds can be programmed to operate silently and gradually, making them perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

Energy Savings

Set your preferred temperature and let MySmartBlinds take charge. If the temperature rises above your preset temperature, the blinds automatically close, shielding your space from the heat and maintaining your home's temperature- effortlessly adapting to changing weather conditions.

App Controlled

Select Smart Motorization operate your blinds wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the MySmartBlinds App.  


MySmartBlinds can adjust to the sun's movement, ensuring you have ideal lighting throughout the day. Schedule your blinds to close at sunset and your blinds will close as the sun sets all year, even with seasonal changes. With blinds that adapt to your lifestyle, you can maximize sunlight without compromising privacy.

Individual & Room Control

Control blinds individually or as a group in the MySmartBlinds app. Use this feature to best suit your lifestyle and create the ideal ambiance for any room.

Smart Schedules

Create custom routines in the MySmartBlinds App and join them with a schedule to simplify your daily life with the help of MySmartBlinds. Set your blinds to open as you get home, start to make breakfast, or close as you leave.

Solar Battery System

The included Solar Battery System allows your blinds to stay charged and operational all year.

Easily Hidden

Install the solar panel using the brackets or directly on the window using the clips. The solar panel sits high and out of the way, keeping your window clear from obstructions.

Effortless Upkeep

Our segmented solar panel design allows for recharging in various conditions. Your app will clearly display the charge state and charge level for all MySmartBlinds in your home.

Customizing Your Blinds

Ordering blinds for your house can be a great way to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your windows. MySmartBlinds allow you to choose several different options to customize your blinds to perfectly match your home.

10+ Colors

Choose from 10+ Colors for your custom blinds. Choose between embossed and smooth options.

Mount Type

Choose between outside mount, inside mount, or SmartLock inside mount for your blinds. Refer to the information bubble when measuring your window.

Smart Motorization  

Choose Smart Motorization when ordering for all smart features like app control, sun-tracking, voice control with the Bridge for Blinds, and routines.

More Information

Custom Made  

Every blind is custom-made to match your exact window dimensions and style choices. Your purchase includes a window fit guarantee. Reach out to our support team and they'll work with you to find a solution.

Voice Control

Seamlessly integrate MySmartBlinds into your smart home ecosystem with voice command and operate through Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Only available with the Bridge for Blinds.

90 Second Install

Our MySmartBlinds are easy to install, ensuring a straightforward installation. Choose SmartLock when ordering for an easy one-person install.


What Is Included?

Every MySmartBlinds with Ships With:

    • 1 set of Blinds w/ matching magnetic valance
    • 1 tilt wand for quick tilt control at the window
    • Hardware

When "Smart Motorization" is selected in the Tilt Control section above you will receive in addition to the above:

    • 1 MySmartBlinds Motor, Battery, and Manual Control Switch already installed onto your Blinds headrail
    • 1 Solar Panel and necessary hardware to either hang or mount directly to your window with adhesive

When "Inside Mount w/ SmartLock" is selected in the Mount Type section above you will receive:

    • SmartLock Toolless Mounting System already installed onto your Blinds headrail, ready for use




  • Window frames or open areas 21” – 73 7/8” wide and 120” tall
  • Window frames with a depth equal to or greater than 2.5”
  • Can be mounted inside a window frame, outside of a window frame, or on a door


  • 2 inch Venetian Faux Wood


    Q: Can I mount 2 or more blinds side-by-side?

      A: Yes. This is possible when using our traditional mounting hardware, not SmartLock. Just mount the mounting brackets side by side and proceed to hang your blinds right next to each other.

Q: How do I measure my windows correctly before ordering the MySmartBlinds?

      A: To see our measurement instructions, click here.

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