MySmartRollerShades Pairing

Where do I Start?

1. Download the tilt app from the App store or Google Play

2. Open the app and create an account

3. Once you've logged in, the app will walk you through creating a room in the app, pairing a shade and creating a Routine and Schedule

How do I Pair MySmartRollerShades?

 1. Open the tilt app and select Rooms in the bottom middle of the screen

2. Select the room you want to add a shade to, or press the blue + in the corner to create a room

3. Once you've selected a room, tap the blue + in the corner and then select Roller Shade

4. Simultaneously press the bottom (down arrow) buttons on the pendant of the roller shade you'd like to pair

5. Give the shade a name and press Next

6. Select either Front Roll or Back Roll depending on the orientation of your roller shade and press Save

7.  Select either Left Side or Right Side depending on where the motor pendant is located when you're inside and facing the window and press Save

8. Drag and hold the slider up until the shade is at your desired top position and then press Save

9. Drag and hold the slider down until the shade is at your desired bottom position and then press Save

10. Select Add More to pair additional shades, or select Finish if you're done. Your shade is now paired and calibrated. For more information on how to control your shades, click here 

Having Trouble Pairing?

1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on

2. Turn on any applicable permissions for the app on your phone:

     iOS: permission for Bluetooth

     Android: permission for Location and (if it's listed) permission for Nearby Devices

3. Check that the toggle on the motor pendant is set to the ON position

4. If you have a micro-usb cable, plug it in (there's a port for it on the bottom of the pendant) and give it 6-8 hours to charge in case the battery is low


Still having trouble? Contact us